Trying To Sort Out Your Emotions? We Have A Design For That!


We are all emotional creatures, whether you feel angry, afraid, happy, or sad what you surround yourself with and the activities you do can have a huge impact on how you feel. Thankfully today there are so many different coloring book designs out there that they can match just about any emotion.

Feeling Angry? How Mandala Coloring Pages Can Help


We can all get angry sometimes, it’s totally normal. It is important however to be able to control your anger because if it gets out of hand it can begin to affect your relationships with friends and loved ones. Mandala coloring pages are a fantastic way to control your anger because they will help you slow down and relax. Read this article to find out all the ways that coloring mandala coloring pages for adults can help you.

The Key To Happiness: Animal Coloring Books For Adults


Let’s be honest, have you ever looked at a puppy and smiled despite being sad? Well for that exact reason animal coloring pages for adults are an amazing way to increase your levels of happiness. Not only do you get all the relaxing and stress relieving benefits of coloring, but you get them all while looking at pictures of cute animals. It's a match made in heaven!

Relieve Stress With Geometric Shapes Coloring Pages


If you start talking to friends about their work like if it is very likely that a lot of them will mention how stressed out they are, and believe it or not you’re not in some kind of stress filled bubble! It’s seems that stress is rampant in today’s world, luckily however there is a cheap and easy way to help relieve stress: geometric shapes coloring pages for adults.

Get Over Your Sadness Quicker With Flower Coloring Books For Adults


A field of flowers in one of nature's most colorful creations. A sea of reds, pinks, whites, yellows, and violets it is a beautiful sight. That exact mixture of colors is why flower coloring pages for adults are a fantastic way to help get over your sadness. Artists have known about this property for hundreds of years and have used it to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness in their audience. It’s time for you to employ the same technique and help yourself get over what ails you.

Relax And Travel The World With Landmark Coloring Books For Adults


Travel and adventure are high on just about everyone’s bucket list, the issue is that it can quite an expensive bullet point. Add up the cost of flights, hotels, food and everything else in between and you could be looking a bill worth many thousands of dollars. The good news is that while you are saving up for that trip of a lifetime you can still curb your travel bug at least a little bit with landmark coloring books for adults, all while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Beat that TSA!

Feel The Love With These Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages For Adults


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many people will rush the stores to buy their loved ones chocolates, candy, and flowers. The thing is that all of those gifts are so overused and frankly just aren’t that special anymore. Bring back the joys of Valentine’s Day when you were in the third grade and give your loved ones cards colored by yourself, what could be more personal?

Fight Fear With Intricate Adult Coloring Books


Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It allowed us to survive hundred’s of thousands of years of being hunted by big predator’s, but it can also be quite detrimental if left unchecked. We are imaginative creatures and when a small scary thought gets buried in our head we can blow it way out of proportions until it almost swallows us whole. The good news is that as smart as our brains are, our brains struggle very hard to deal with more that one thing at a time, especially when that thing is an intricate and focus requiring adult coloring page.

Our Favorite Designs At Creatively Calm Studios


After releasing over 360 coloring page designs we decided to look back at our vault of colorings and pick out some of our favorite. It took us many hours but we finally came up with our top 5 designs, because picking just one was nearly impossible. From cute koalas to intricate henna designs these are our favorite coloring pages after producing almost a year’s worth of coloring designs

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