Relax And Travel The World With Landmark Coloring Books For Adults


Traveling and seeing the wonders of the world is high on many people’s bucket lists. In order to do all of that though you will need money for airplane tickets, hotel rooms and not to mention food to keep you fed during your travels. Add all this up and you are looking at a sizable chunk of change. What if you could see all of the wonders and landmarks of the world from the comfort of your own home and do it all while relaxing and not stressing out about missing a flight.

Hungry For Travel? Reach For Landmark Coloring Books


Alright, so even the best and most detailed coloring books may not be able to cure your hunger for travel, believe me I know. They can however be a great way to relax and satisfy your travel dreams until you can save up enough money to buy that airplane ticket.

You can find many great coloring books online that feature famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal and London’s Big Ben. Coloring these, and focusing on them for the long hours required to finish the drawings, will not only bring the calming effects of color therapy, but will also give you a sense of travel satisfaction. When I began to dream of traveling I also did not have the money to jump into it right away, and until I saved up the necessary money I would actually watch episodes of HGTV’s House Hunters International for that exact reason. Coloring though can be even better because it requires large amounts of focus which can fulfill your hunger for longer.

Best Landmark Coloring Books:

3. Around The World In 50 Pages by ColorIt


This 54 page coloring book is great because it has very detailed images of famous cityscapes and landmarks from around the world. This coloring book is also a bit different since it is spiral bound at the top unlike most other coloring books but that shouldn’t pose a problem for most people.

The publishers have also used a good quality paper to help minimize bleed through onto the other designs in the book, but as always we suggest using a piece of paper behind your coloring to help ensure that you do not ruin any other designs. The designs in this book can range from simple and easy to more detailed and slightly more challenging.

2. Ancient Egypt Coloring Book by Jade Summer


This coloring book is over 100 pages and is great for any history buff or fan of ancient Egypt. Between the pages of this adult coloring book you will find 25 original designs for you to color in. Interestingly this coloring book provides you with a copy of each original design for a total of 50 images for you to color. This allows you to try two different sets of colors for every design.

The designs are printed on standard quality of paper. The images are printed on one side of the paper and due to a totally black back to each page you cannot see the bleed through onto the back. We would recommend using a scrap piece of paper to keep colors and pressure marks from transferring onto the next page which can happen with heavier markers and some pens.

1. Landmarks Adult Coloring Book by Creatively Calm Studios

Our #1 Best Selling Landmarks Adult Coloring Book features 40 detailed images printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry ensuring minimal if any bleed through. One of the coolest parts about our team of designers and artists is that they are located all over the world which ensures that these landmark designs are created by people who have had the opportunity to see them first hand. With any Creatively Calm purchase we will also donate a portion of the profits to one of our many outstanding charities.

Along with our Best Selling Landmarks Coloring book you will also receive our Henna Designs and Butterflies and Flowers coloring books as part of the set. All together that is over 120 images for you color which provides you with many hours of relaxation and entertainment.

So if you desire to travel the world but like many of cannot jump into it right away get yourself any one of the above mentioned coloring books and you will be able to relax and fulfill your wants at least until you save up enough money to go and see these wonders of the world in person. Just please, do not forget to take a picture and write to us so that we can all enjoy in your adventures. Safe travels!

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