Feeling Angry? How Mandala Coloring Pages Can Help!


We can all get angry sometimes and it’s totally normal. It is important however to find ways to curb your anger. If we do not find a good way to manage our emotions and anger it have a negative effect on our work or personal relationships.

Ways To Deal With Anger

So how can you deal with your anger? Well this can differ from person to person. Some like to go to the gym, others like to take a walk, personally I enjoy to take a long swim and clear my head. I’m sure that these methods don’t surprise you, but I bet that you were not aware that your coloring book can help as well.

Not all coloring books can help, although they can all slow you down and get your mind off of whatever is bugging you. Mandala coloring books however can be a great way to not only curb your anger but also help manage your stress and increase your willpower and focus.

How Mandala Coloring Pages For Adults Can Help You Deal With Your Anger 


Mandala designs have been around for centuries and are used by some religious practices to tell stories and teach lessons, you can learn more about the history of mandalas here. The thing about mandalas that could really help with your anger however is the particular way in which they should be colored.

Although mandalas can be very confusing and intricate they all share some commonalities. They all tend to be circular, and the more traditional ones all have one or several circles that envelop four pillars or gates which can sometimes look like the top portion of an upper case “T”. Past these gates you can find what is referred to as the palace, or the knowledge which the person coloring the mandala is seeking.

How To Color Your Mandala Pages For The Most Effect

In order to possibly receive the calming and anger curbing powers of mandalas it is important to begin coloring from the very most outer ring of the design. Do not move more inwards into the mandala until you have colored that ring in its entirety. Once you color the outermost shell move into the next one and color that one in it’s entirety and so on until you reach the Gates. Once there color all the gates and only then move onto the palace and begin coloring that.

Look at the palace as the reward for your patience and willpower, it is like the adult coloring book version of a desert after dinner. This method of coloring mandalas is ensures that before reaching the palace the person coloring the mandala has gone through and in detail studied the designs within the mandala. This way they would have learned whatever lesson the mandala was trying to convey.

What Type Of Mandala Coloring Pages Work Best?


Generally speaking the more intricate and time consuming the mandala design is the better the effects, however do not jump straight into a very difficult one. Work your way up to very intricate designs over time since going straight to a very time consuming mandala can have a negative effect and turn you away from the practice due to large amount of patience needed to complete.

Although there we do not guarantee the anger management results of coloring mandalas, its repeated practice can help build up your patience and help you deal with those stressful situations which could have caused the anger monkey to latch onto your back. Do not be stressed out if you do cannot finish a mandala in one sitting of if you do not experience their benefits right away. This practice is not a sprint, it is a marathon, but once you learn how to channel the power of mandala designs once you can use them for the rest of you life.

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