Relieve Stress With Geometric Shapes Coloring Pages


Stress runs rampant in today’s world. From early morning alarms and meetings to late night emails about that quickly approaching deadline it can be tough to relax. There is however an easy and cheap way to relieve stress and relax despite even the most hectic of days. I am talking about adult coloring books, specifically those with geometric shape designs.

Why Geometric Coloring Books Help Relieve Stress

Any adult coloring book can help you slow down and find a time to relax. Geometric designs are specifically helpful because of their repetitiveness and simplicity. Since most geometric designs are made of the same shape repeated over and over you do not need to worry about what comes next and that allows you to relax and take a much needed breather. Intricate geometric designs carry an additional stress relieving weapon. Because these designs can have small and often times time consuming details it will help to slow you down. At work you may be challenged to work quickly and meet deadlines, but with intricate geometric coloring books that speed is your worst enemy and can result in mistakes. That is why it is important to accept the intricate designs and give them the time they require.

Geometric Coloring Pages Are A Marathon Not A Sprint


An important thing to remember about geometric coloring designs is that they can be very detailed and can take a considerable amount of time. If look at you coloring as something to finish and place a deadline on your drawing you can actually add to your stress, not reduce it. Allow your coloring to take as long as it has to, there is no one to present this to and no one to judge you. All you need to do is to come home from work and sit down and color, even if it is for 5 minutes, it gives you time to wind down after a tough day and switch into rest and recovery mode.

The Right Tune Can Help Relax


When coloring and looking to wind down music can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is very important to choose the right soundtrack, one that will help relax you instead of amping you up. Your Saturday night “party” playlist probably should share many songs in common with your coloring one. Some awesome bands or artists to consider including in your relaxing playlist are Zero 7, Bon Iver, or James Blake all of which are perfect for settling you into chill mode. If you want a ready made playlist that you do not need to spend time putting together check out Chill Vibes, Jazz Vibes, and Evening Chill on Spotify, all come with our Super Chill and Relaxing Guarantee

Bring Your Favorite Beverage Along


Like the right tune, a well chosen beverage can help you find a relaxed state much quicker and keep you there for longer. How much time you spend in this state is critical to relieving stress, so choose your beverage wisely. Many people swear by a nice glass of wine or a beer. A time tested and always encouraged option however is tea. There are many variations for you to experiment with, we would suggest staying away from anything with caffeine and checking out a blend with ginger or our personal favorite Yogi Soothing Caramel Tea.

So next time you are shopping for a new adult coloring book consider one with geometric shapes, pick up your favorite beverage, put on the right tunes and prepare to relax and leave your stress at the door. 

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