The Best St. Patrick's Day Adult Coloring Books


Lots of green, leprechauns, and tons of beer fueled good times - that is what St. Patrick’s Day is all about. March 17th is the day we all look forward to during these cold and windy January days. It is a day where it is not only acceptable but expected for you to play with food coloring and have such an awesome time as to garner respect from any college kid.

With the coveted date approaching fast we decided to scour the internet for the best adult coloring books to get you in the holiday spirit. We were both surprised and yet very proud at the same time of the amount of coloring books out there ready to help you celebrate Leprechaun’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Book by Individuality Books


This adult coloring book is fantastic for people of just about any age. While it does not have many booze inspired colorings it is perfect for those of us who want just the leprechaun spirit without necessarily having to partake in their favorite drink.

The book has 20 different designs all printed on one sided paper of medium quality. The designs are not very intricate which makes them perfect for those who are not looking for much of a challenge but to simply spend some time relaxing. Although the designs are printed on one sided pieces of paper, the paper is not very thick so we do recommend using a blotter piece of paper behind each design you are coloring to minimize bleed through especially when using markers and heavier gel pens.

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Coloring Book For Adults by Penelope Pewter


Another great coloring book for those that are not looking for alcohol themed coloring designs, but would still like to get into the St. Patty’s Day mood. This coloring book by Penelope Pewter has 74 pages of designs ranging from easy to intricate all themed around the green holiday. You will find plenty of leprechauns, shamrocks and tons of other holidays favorites all arranged in fun patterns. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a more varied degree of difficulty in their coloring.

All designs are printed on one sided paper so you can easily remove the pages from the book and hang them up if you’d like. The one sided printing also help reduce bleed through but since the paper is not the thickets we still suggest you use a blotter piece of paper.

Beer Me! Adult Coloring Book For Men by ZenMaster Coloring Books


This coloring book celebrates the favorite drink of any St. Patrick’s Day fan - beer. Between the covers of this manly adult coloring book you will find 50 pages filled with designs ranging from beers and liqueurs to everyone’s favorite bar games like billiards and football. Although this book does not feature many St. Patrick’s Day specific designs it will put you in the mood for the best part of the holiday - the celebration.

Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


Although this coloring book is not necessarily St. Patty’s Day themed it does have those Northern European vibes that will definitely get you in the mood for the holiday. Inside this adult coloring book you will have the opportunity to color over 30 original colorings featuring mandalas interwoven with classic Celtic designs.

Enjoy this coloring book’s calming mandala designs in between parties with your favorite fine tipped markers for those small details. As always make sure to use a blotter piece of paper to reduce that risk of ruining other designs while coloring.

Color Me Drunk by Potter Style


This may be one of the most original coloring books on the market. If you are tired of the boring old beer pong and quarters drinking games then Color Me Drunk is the originality you are looking for. Inside this coloring book not only will you find designs to entertain and delight you, but you will also find puzzles and drinking games for you and your friends to enjoy while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the local bar or in the comfort of your home. We promise you will have tons of laughs decoding drunk texts and coloring in beer bottles of all kinds.

No matter which coloring book you choose, or how you decide to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day please celebrate responsibly. Stay smart and wear green or be ready to be bruised from all the pinching, and if you see a rainbow and decide not to follow it in search of that pot of gold then you do not deserve the green beer in your hand. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t forget to reward yourself with some relaxing coloring once all the partying is done, after all no one says you can’t still enjoy a cold brew while coloring. :)

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