Our Favorite Designs At Creatively Calm Studios


After releasing over 360 coloring pages for your enjoyment we decided to flip back through all of them and find our favorite designs. It was definitely a difficult task and one that may have taken us hours to complete, but we are very happy to have done it. Below are our top five choices, because we couldn’t pick just one.


Koala Design


There is a reason you have probably seen this koala design on many of our social media posts and promotional content - because it’s awesome! It is a well known fact that koalas are one of the cutest animals out there, but there is something about this particular one that makes it so good. I think it has something to do with the sassy face he is giving us. Every time I look at this design I smile and laugh because I imagine him saying “What are you looking at punk?”

Along with an awesome subject, this design is great because it brings lots of small details while still having a good amount of larger detail for easier coloring. It really is an all around fantastic design and one we love very much.

Boats Design


Alright so I have to come clean about this design, I am pretty biased. I grew up around boats and this design just brings me back to my childhood working on the boats in our harbor and dreaming of setting sail towards great and epic adventures. Just because I am obviously biased does not mean that it isn’t an awesome design.

I love how full of an image it is, once you finish it you won’t have any white space left over. Like the Koala design it also brings a good mixture of fine details and larger, easier to color, details. I also don't think that its too difficult for everyone to look at this design and begin to have adventurous thoughts of their own. Where are the boats coming from, what waits for them around the bend? It’s like a scene out of Huckleberry Finn and we can’t get enough of it.

Underwater Scene Design


This Underwater scene is awesome because of how many of the sea’s wondrous creatures you get to meet and color. There are sharks, whales, octopuses, seagulls, you name it it’s in this design. This design is mostly large detail with very little fine detail so it is a great design to color in when you want something that isn’t so challenging and that you can maybe finish in one sitting.

The design’s subject also allows for a lot of creative coloring. While the Boat designs featured subjects that we mostly know the color of, what other colors can you use to color trees and water except green and blue, this image has many animals that we may not be so familiar with color wise. That gives our creativity free reign over the colorways of this awesome image.

Henna Design 1


At Creatively Calm we are huge fans of henna, geometric, and mandala designs because of their complexity and how creatively engaging they are. This particular henna design is one of our favorites because it borrows some stylistic elements form mandalas and joins our two favorite things.

Personally we also love the more detailed designs because of how much more creativity goes into them, and this design is definitely detailed. Begin coloring this henna design from the outside and work your way into experience its mandala-like properties and relax. An all around awesome design!

Henna Design 2


This is another one of our favorite henna designs. It is a little bit easier than the previous design so it has less fine detail and can probably be completed in just an hour or two. This design does share a commonality with our other favorite henna design since it also has some mandala like features - like the very definitive center and four pillar like designs around the center. Can you tell we love the merging of hennas and mandalas?

Whatever your favorite design is the good thing is that with over 360 designs in our books we are bound to have not just one but several designs that you will love enough to put in your top five. Check out our selection of adult coloring books here and don’t forget that with every purchase we will donate a portion of our profits to one of our many charities.

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Mitko Karshovski on March 27 2017 at 11:56AM

Hey Vicki!
Although you are not able to post your colorings here on the website you can head over to our Coloring Club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreativelyCalmStudios/ and post them there :) You will find yourself in good company!

Vicki Riddle on January 27 2017 at 05:55AM

How do I post my pictures that I have colored to your website,I went to this website www.creativelycalmstudios but didn’t see where I can post my coloring pictures.

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