Feel The Love With These Valentine's Day Coloring Pages For Adults


Do you remember the feeling of walking into school on Valentine’s Day? If you were like me you were probably jazzed up about the thought of someone giving you a Valentine’s Day card. The best part was that when you were in the 3rd grade it didn't have to be just one! I feel like everyone got a card from everyone else and it was amazing. That day you walked around feeling the love from everyone.

Sadly, Valentine's Day does not seem to work that way anymore. Even if you are lucky to have a loved one in your life, the chocolates and the jewelry don’t always feel the same way as that homemade card you received from a classmate in the 3rd grade. Well lucky for you Valentine’s Day coloring pages for adults are here to help. Here are 3 adult coloring books options for you to choose from:

1. My Valentine: Coloring Book For Adults by Majestic Coloring


This coloring book includes 24 designs printed on one sided paper. The paper is of good quality but markers will bleed through, so make sure to use a piece of paper behind each coloring to minimize bleed through. The good thing about this coloring book is that the designs included are of varying difficulty. You will find designs that won’t take very long and some that could entertain you for hours.

We recommend that you are prepared with some fine tipped markers or well sharpened pencils to help you color in those detailed spots.

2. My Heart, My Valentine & The Color Of Love by Mix Books


This coloring book has 28 Valentine’s Day inspired mandalas and patterns to keep you entertained for many hours to come. The designs range from easy to more detailed and difficult. While the paper on this book may be on the thinner side one of the coolest things about it is that it can bought in eBook format.

This allows you to print out the designs on whatever paper you’d like and color your favorite designs as many times as you'd like. This feature makes these adult coloring pages perfect for use as a card or gift. We recommend using fine tipped markers and sharp coloring pencils for those detailed spots.

3. Adult Coloring Book Of Love by Adult Coloring Books


This adult coloring book features 55 lovely designs for you to color in. All the designs are “love” themed and feature things like hearts, animals, flowers, trees and obviously - Valentine’s Day. All the designs are printed on one sided pieces of paper which helps reduce bleed through onto other coloring pages.

The paper this book uses is medium quality and smooth but we still recommend you use a piece of paper behind the design you coloring because some markers and gel pens may bleed through the page and onto other designs.

Give The Joy Of Valentine's Day


Not only will coloring these designs bring back those Valentine’s Day memories from when you were young, but you can then bring that feeling to others as well. After coloring your designs why not write a nice message in the blank space of the designs and then gift it to a loved one.

This way they too will get to re-experience those childhood Valentine’s Days and as a bonus the personally colored and hand written note will mean so much more to them than anything you could get in the store. Pair with that usual box of chocolates and you will be a winner in their book for years to come.

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