Fight Fear With Intricate Adult Coloring Books


The world can sometimes be a scary place. From natural disasters to war and crime it is easy to sometimes be overwhelmed by everything and succumb to fear and find yourself just laying in bed for days at a time. The good news is that this is something that you can definitely find help for and it is really pretty easy.

The issue is actually in our heads. Because we are very imaginative creatures it is very easy for an idea or fear to root itself in our heads and then spread to every corner of our thoughts. From a small thing we create a huge problem and soon what was just heavy rain and some light thunder ends up driving you into your basement because their is a F5 tornado headed directly for your home. I am very familiar with this one because I can honestly say that between the ages of 10 and 14 I spent a majority of time in the basement of my home anytime a light drizzle fell from the sky.

How To Fight Fear


The good news is that fighting fear is actually not that difficult. What you need to do is some way block your brain’s natural ability to overthink and dramatize every thought and the best way to do that is to channel its power into a difficult task.

When we provide our brains with an easy task we can sometimes split our focus so that we can achieve that task while also doing something else. Texting and watching TV is a perfect example many teenagers may be very familiar with. When we challenge our brains with a difficult problem however, our brains will channel all of their power to that task in order to complete it. This means that there will be no brain power left over to be spent on worrying about things.

Fun Fear Fighting Tools


Just because something needs to require tons of focus does not mean that it can’t also be fun. Many games and puzzles are difficult enough to require your total focus while also being a blast. Games like Tetris and Jenga are awesome and will keep you focused in for hours. My favorite fear fighting tools however are adult coloring books.

The right coloring book to use as a fear fighting tool should be intricate, requiring you to really focus in in order to color all of those small details. The best thing about coloring books is that they are also naturally calming. Think back to those days in preschool you spent coloring, weren’t those the best?

What Coloring Books Are Best?


The subject of the coloring book you choose is also important. Find a coloring book that is full of geometric shapes or mandala designs. Geometric shape coloring books tend to be jam packed with details and will keep you entertained and focus for hours. Mandala coloring books on the hand not only come with lots of details but the mandala form itself is a powerful tool for relaxation.

There are also a number of coloring books that lack any reason or general theme but have tons of detail and tend to have very fun subjects. These can be some of the most challenging and can take many hours to finish.

No matter what fear fighting tool you choose make sure that it is one that will keep your mind occupied. Once you achieve that happiness and relaxation are not far away.

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