Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Coloring Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the delivery charges for orders from Creatively Calm Studios?

100% Free Standard Shipping on all orders!!! We are also able to offer 2 day delivery options at a small costs; but standard shipping will always be free at Creatively Calm Studios.


Q. Which payment methods are accepted on Creatively Calm Studios?

We accept all major credit / debit cards. We are also accepting payments from Paypal, Amazon Services and Apple Pay.


Q. How long will delivery take?

Standard shipping will take 5-7 days on all orders. Again we do have an option for 2 day shipping for a small additional cost within the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii may see additional shipping charges!


Q. How secure is shopping on Creatively Calm Studios? Is my data protected?

100% Secure! We take pride in making sure that our payment processors are the safest and most reliable currently on the market. We use only the largest payment processors in the world to ensure nothing but the utmost safety of all customer information. Your personal information will never be accessed or given away in any manner.


Q. Where do you find inspiration for your stress relieving designs?

In two main ways. The first is from meeting local designers from all over the globe in their home countries and getting to truly FEEL where their art / patterns are derived from. The second was ontop of a trip I made to SE Asia. While exploring the famous Night Markets I was absolutely enthralled by this Henna design being tapped directly onto a customers skin. You can read more about it here on our About Us Page!


Q. What coloring utensils work best on your Adult Coloring Books?

We are proud to announce that here at Creatively Calm Studios we use some of the thickest paper on the market. Since our products are made right here in the U.S. we have ensured that no set goes out with anything less than #100 pound paper. This ensures that no matter what you choose to color in our designs with (coloring pencils, gel pens or markers) you will never bleed through the page and ruin designs on other pages!


Q. How many designs do I receive in each book?

You will receive 40+ intricate adult coloring patterns in each book, for a total of over 120 designs in each of our 3 book sets. Our limited time offer of our 3 SET BUNDLE has over 360+ images at a massive discount while supplies last!


Q. How large are your books?

Our books are 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. We wanted to ensure that our books would be small enough to slip into any normal size purse or carry on, yet large enough to be packed with incredibly detailed patterns / designs. Our images are double sided, but with some of the thickest paper on the market; you never have to worry about bleed throughs of any sort!


Q. What happens if I want to return my item?

We believe in making sure every customer is happy, so our return policy is a simple one. -We accept any returns within a 14 day span with a 100% full money back guarantee. -Anything items returned within 15-30 days will be subject to a $10 restocking fee as all of our books ship out of fulfillment centers all over the U.S.


Q. I want to start coloring right now! How can I get started today?

Very easily!!! We are happy to give away 52 free adult coloring pages that showcase some of our favorite designs.. The link is below: http://www.creativelycalmstudios.com/pages/free-weekly-designs