The Key To Happiness: Animal Coloring Books For Adults


We can all feel down sometimes. It can be a dead plan on the sidewalk, a song that hits us in just the right place, or PETA commercial, whatever it is we have all been there. We look down at our feet, play with our shirt and try to hold that single tear back. But what if that feeling persists day after day and you just don’t seem to be able to get out of that rut. Well have you ever thought about picking up and animal coloring book for adults?

Animal Scenes Are Playful


Animal coloring pages and animal scenes are a natural emotional booster. When we see an image of an animal we are brought back to memories of our first pets and snuggling with them which can quickly bring a smile to any face. Animal coloring scenes can also many times display our favorite furry creatures running around and playing. By coloring these “happy” designs and focusing on them for an extended period of time we can reprogram our brain to think happy thoughts at least while we are coloring. From there repetition is the key - “fake it ‘till you make it”.

Detailed Images Will Keep Your Mind Occupied


Sometimes the only thing separating us from feeling happy are our thoughts that have clouded our mind. It is difficult to push these thoughts away after a sad event like the death of a loved one or feeling lonely after moving to a new city. In these cases it is best to occupy yourself. Find a coloring book that has lots of intricate coloring pages to choose from. These designs will challenge your mind and will occupy it so that you are not thinking about what is troubling you. There are tons of great animal coloring books on the market that have designs that will keep you busy for hours to come

Use The Right Colors


The colors you choose to use are an extremely important component to your happiness inducing animal colorings. When deciding on a color scheme keep in mind that warm colors, especially yellows and oranges have the natural tendency to make us feel hopeful and joyous. You can also use a strong selection of primary colors throughout your coloring to create a feeling of excitement. When coloring your animal designs try to refrain from using too many cold colors or grays which naturally induce and represent sad feelings.

Bring Back Memories


Whenever I am feeling sad I think about Sunday mornings spent cuddling with my dog Barz and watching cartoons. Nostalgia is a very powerful tool, and when used effectively it can have huge effects. By working on animal coloring books for adults we can channel those happy memories into our designs. This will combat whatever sadness you are feeling at the moment and help nourish your natural happy thoughts and emotions.

Adult coloring books with animal designs can be a great way to fight any sadness. Consider these tips when you are feeling sad and need a little pick me up and you could find yourself not only entertained for hours but also feeling better. Check out this post for a curated selection of the best animal coloring books for adults on the market.

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