We here at Creatively Calm Studios strive for a single goal each and every day we come to work.

We aim to use only the highest quality materials to create our Adult Coloring Book Sets, yet we still make every effort to market our products at competitive rates; so that anyone and everyone can enjoy the therapeutic effects of coloring in our stress relieving designs.

Since we are on the topic of our award winning designs / patterns, we are proud to announce that the inspiration for our Creatively Calm Adult Coloring Book Sets came from an eye-opening event one of our founding partners (Aubrey) experienced while travelling throughout SE Asia.



While travelling throughout Thailand and Cambodia, the beautiful artwork of the locals truly showed through in many of the night market / bazaar booths that had been set up each night. After many nights of simply watching from afar, Aubrey decided to step into a booth to get a Henna design tapped onto her hand / arm.

With all of the hustle and bustle of the Night Markets less than 5 feet away; it was during this time that Aubrey realized just how calm and at peace the artist was when tapping this intricate design directly onto her skin.

It was at that exact moment a light bulb went off in Aubrey's head. The very beginning of Creatively Calm Studios (along with the most awesome coloring pages for adults) was born!!!




World Class Designers 

To ensure that we were forging our own path here at Creatively Calm Studios, we wanted a unique (even a cultural) perspective on the designs and patterns we placed into our adult coloring books.

With this in mind, we hired some of the very best designers (spanning across FIVE continents) to guarantee that our stress-relieving patterns were not only fun to color in; but therapeutic in the design / meaning of each image.




Animals Adult Coloring Book Mandala Adult Coloring Book Scenery Adult Coloring Book


We launched Creatively Calm Studios in early 2016 with our flagship Adult Coloring Book Set: Animals, Geometric and Scenery. Due to the incredible demand this first set, our second set of Adult Coloring Books are already being created / designed and are set to be launched at the end of March!!!

Our entire staff here at Creatively Calm Studios is excited to share our beneficial stress relieving designs with every single person who is in need of a break at the end of each day; which is realistically ALL of us!!!

Turn off your electronic devices, pour yourself half a glass of wine (fine make it a full one :)) and allow your MIND & BODY to let go of all the outside stressors you dealt with throughout the day. Color in our remedial adult coloring pages for just a few minutes at the end of each night and you will be amazed at just how much healthier you feel overall!