The 5 Best Animal Adult Coloring Books


We already know that coloring is a great way to relax and recharge, but you should be able to color whatever you want, including animals. For all of you animal lovers out there we have compiled the best animal adult coloring books on the market. Any of these books will provide you with hours and hours of relaxation and enjoyment coloring in your favorite furry, or scaly, creatures.

5. Horse Coloring Books For Adults (Volume 6) by Adult Coloring World


Are a horse lover? Do love to spend your days off riding horses through the woods at the horse track? Well then this coloring book is perfect for you! Inside this book you will find 40 depictions of horses filled with intricate designs to provide you with hours of relaxing coloring.

Each horse drawing is on a single sided page which helps reduce bleed through onto other designs and makes it easy to remove your creation and frame for the enjoyment of others.

4. Creative Cats Adult Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


If you classify yourself as a “cat person” then this adult coloring book is for you! Inside the covers of this animal coloring book you will find more than 30 full page portraits of cats filled with creative shapes and designs against curious backdrops.

The pages of this coloring book are fairly thick and will handle bleed through quite well but we would still recommend you use a blank piece of paper between pages to make sure you minimize bleed through. The designs inside this book range from easy to more detailed and challenging patterns so expect to get hours of joy and relaxation coloring these pictures.

3. Owls Coloring Book by Creative Haven


This adult coloring book depicts over 30 patter filled owls against some truly dream like backgrounds. Expect to spend multiple hours coloring these vivid and inspiring images and get ready to enjoy your creations for many days to come. The pages of this book are perforated allowing you to easily remove your artistic creations and hang them up around the house.

Since the pages of this book are bit on the thin side make sure to place a blank sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to stop your colors from bleeding onto other pages if you are using gel pens or markers.

2. Stress Relieving Animal Designs by Blue Star Coloring


This Amazon Best Selling Coloring book features over 40 animal patterns. From turtles and owls to cats and butterflies this coloring book has every animal you can dream of. The patterns vary between easy with large open areas to color in to more difficult ones with very small intricate places.


We recommend that to tackle these you either use well sharpened coloring pencils or fine gel pens like the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens which will help you stay between the lines while delivering rich colors.

1. 120 Unique Animals by Creatively Calm Studios


Our best selling made in the USA 3 Book set will satisfy all of your animal coloring needs and more! Inside this set you will find 120 images featuring animals like cats, horses, koalas, monkeys, and dogs. Best of all when you get tired of coloring animals you still have two books left to work through, one full of creative and inspiring patterns and shapes and the other filled with 40 dreamy landscapes.

Creatively Calm coloring designs are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry which insure little to no bleed through even when using markers or gel pens. Also don’t forget that with every purchase Creatively Calm donates a portion of the profits to a number of charities so you can not only be relaxed after coloring, but feel good about it too.


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