The Best Adult Coloring Books For Marvel Comic Book Fans


Alright so earlier in the week things may have gotten a bit out of hand. I received some messages and comments from friends urging me to give Marvel a try, so I decided that since it wouldn’t be hurting anyone I might as well give it a shot. As a lifelong DC-er it hurts me to say this but there is more to Marvel then just way to colorful costumes and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some Marvel comic books.

With my newly find liking to Marvel I only thought it would be fair to go in and test out some Marvel adult coloring books and they did not disappoint, in fact I was impressed with the quality of the books and the designs in them.

Color Your Own Deadpool by Ed McGuinness and Tony Moore


Since this was one of my favorite Marvel superheroes before I was even giving Marvel a chance I decided to start here. This Deadpool coloring book was everything I was hoping it would be and more. Best of all you know this is a true Deadpool item when it has a Parental Advisory sticker on the front due to some gory violence and some less than fully clothed women. The designs are true to comic books and you will find many familiar faces from villains to some of Deadpool’s BFFs. The designs have lots of detail and black spots which help to give the designs that coveted comic book look.

The coloring book has 60 single page designs which are printed on medium quality paper. The quality of the paper in addition to the single sided printing allows you to use gel pens, felt tip pens, and even markers without worrying about bleed through and ruining any of the other designs in the book. I would still recommend using a spare piece of paper between pages just incase some bleed through does occur.

Color Your Own Age Of Ultron by Marvel Comic


Inside this coloring book you will be thrust head first into the last attempt by what is left of the Marvel heroes to stop the robotic menace Ultron. All your favorite Avengers are in this one like Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and many others. The designs in this coloring book were drawn by renowned comic book artists like Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson, and Carlos Pacheco so there is no wonder that this coloring book really makes you feel like you are coloring in a comic.

If you are looking for a detailed adult coloring book this is the one. This Age of Ultron coloring book has 60 designs printed single sided on medium quality paper that have so much detail that you have to use either pencils or fine tipped markers to stay within the lines. The designs also have quite a bit of black which can be somewhat of a turn off before coloring but really add to the depth of the design once it is completed and help to give it that comic book feel.

Color Your Own Civil War by Steve McNiven


This coloring book created by illustrator Steve McNiven has wonderful and highly detailed designs that require using either pencil or fine tipped markers in order to stay inside the lines. This coloring book focuses on the grueling Civil War that broke out between the Avengers around whether or not super humans should be registered. Inside you will find your favorite heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and many more battling it out. Truth be told this coloring book and the Age of Ultron one could swap as having the best designs but I personally liked the subject of this book more, so that's why it gets the top spot for me.

Like the previous coloring books this one is also printed single sided on medium quality paper and has perforated pages which makes removing and displaying your favorite of the 60 designs in this book very easy. Again, you will find lots of black areas in these designs which I can see bothering some people but I think once the designs are finished do a lot to give them that comic book feel.

Happy coloring Marvel fans!

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