The Best Adult Coloring Books For DC Comics Fans


Alright let’s all take a deep breath here and say it…”DC comics are the best comic books out there”. I know, I know, there is also Marvel, but come on now, no one actually thinks that Marvel is better than DC, there is just no competition here!

Seriously, what kind of costumes are those? They look ridiculous, the only Marvel hero that deserves the light of day is Deadpool and even he hates the rest of the Marvel heroes.

Ok, so with that I am guessing that I have weeded out all Marvel fans and should now be talking only to true DC fans. Well get ready because after recently watching the new Batman “graphic novel” movie I went on a hunt to find some cool Batman and DC coloring books and boy did I find some gems.

The Flash Adult Coloring Book by Coloring DC


The fastest man alive...erm... comes alive in this 96 page coloring book featuring designs from The Flash comic books throughout the decades. This coloring book is a wonderful gift for any DC fan and especially those who are even bigger fans of the Flash himself. The best part about this coloring book is that it has a nice plethora of designs ranging from something that could take half an hour to ones that could take several days. Many of the designs show the Flash lifted from the pages of actual comic books and pasted on a wonderful background of repetitive designs.

The coloring book itself uses paper that is slightly on the thin side which in addition to having the designs printed on both sides of the page is a big drawback if you want to use markers instead of pencils. Nevertheless this coloring book is a joy to color and if you do want to work with markers you can always scan the images and print them out on thicker paper which you can then also frame.

Batman: Hush Adult Coloring Book by Coloring DC


Ever flipped through the pages of a Batman graphic novel and wish that you could jump in there and color it yourself? Well if so your prayers have been answered because that’s exactly what this is. This coloring book is inspired by the popular 2002 comic book series written by Jeph Loeb. The designs in this coloring book are plucked right out of the pages of the comic book series and dropped into this 96 page coloring book without the colors, so it’s all up to you.

Since this is another coloring book produced by Coloring DC it is once again printed back to back on the same thin paper. While this is again a big drawback since you can’t really use markers without ruining the design on the other side of the page and perhaps the next page (if you are not using a spare piece of paper to soak up bleed through between pages) the good thing is that with 96 pages to fill you will have plenty of scenes of your favorite caped crusader to color.

DC Comics Coloring Book by Insight Editions


This is THE coloring book for DC fans. Between the covers of this book you will find pages displaying your favorite DC heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arrow, The Green Lantern and many more. Basically if you have a favorite DC superhero there is a good chance that one of the 96 double sided pages features him or her. If you loved the previous two coloring books and can’t decide which to get this may be the one for you since you will get to color all of your favorite heroes and the iconic covers of comic books they are featured in.

The big drawback of this coloring book is the same as the last two - the designs are printed back to back on similar quality paper. Although this may not be the best case scenario I think we need to take the good with the bad and I definitely think that the designs in these coloring books are awesome and make up for the back to back printing.

My advice would be to go through whichever coloring book you choose and pick out designs that you really like, and know you want to use markers on, and scan those into your computer. Then use pencils and pens (for small detail work) on the rest of the designs and I think you should be fine. Happy coloring DC-ers!

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