Lord Of The Rings Adult Coloring Books


The Lord of The Rings and Tolkien’s other works have been inspirations for many future writers and creators of all kinds, this writer included.When reading Tolkien we are inundated with imagery of amazing lands and creatures that push the envelope of our imagination. A Lord of the Rings coloring book in that case is a perfect opportunity to put your imagination down on paper and bring some of the wonders of Tolkien to life.

The Hobbit Heroes And Villains Coloring Book by Warner Brothers Studio


The Hobbit: There And Back Again was Tolkien’s first book set in Middle Earth and began the story that later spiraled into The Lord Of The Rings. This coloring book by Warner Brothers Studio will re-introduce you to many of the most important characters in the story and give you the opportunity to color them in as you see fit while providing you with some background to the character on the opposite page.

This coloring book has 38 designs printed one sided with the other side containing a paragraph description of the character and a small amount of design. The character designs do not have a lot of detail so they can be completed quickly and are similar to what the characters looked like in the movies. We suggest that you use colored pencils in this coloring book. Using pens or markers could result in bleed through which could ruin the small designs around the paragraph descriptions on the back of the page.

A Bestiary Of Tolkien Coloring by Mauro Mazzara and Andrea Piparo


If you read the works of Tolkien and are amazed by the beasts described in the pages then you will love this coloring book which depicts a plethora of the creatures in Lord Of The Rings across 96 pages. You will have the opportunity to color favorites like ents, orcs, goblins, Gollum, giant eagles, trolls, along with some characters spanning all the Lord of the Rings book, The Hobbit, and even Silmarillion.  

The designs are printed two sided on high quality thick paper. The paper is good for coloring and can handle gel pens and some markers but we would recommend using colored pencils to reduce the risk of ruining the designs on the back of the one you are coloring. Although many of the designs are missing intricate patterns the line work in the drawings is great and the characters are not designed off the movies which is very refreshing and original.

The Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy Coloring Book by Warner Brothers Studio


This coloring book stays true to the LOTR movies for character and creature designs and is wonderful gift for any fan of what could arguably be some of the best movies ever made. Between the covers you will find 38 designs, most of which spread across 2 pages which is very nice. Most of the designs are illustrations based off of some of the more popular scenes in the trilogy and will be familiar sights to fans.

The designs in this coloring book are printed on the front and back of every page which is a drawback since pens and markers will bleed through to the other side and effectively ruin that design. In order to avoid this we do suggest using exclusively colored pencils. The good thing is that out of all the other books this one is perhaps the most detailed while still having a good amount of “easy” designs scattered throughout for diversity. This gives you the ability to color the difficulty level that you are looking for at the moment.


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