Classic Movie Coloring Books


We all have that movie that we have watched over 100 times and tend to watch every Saturday morning. It doesn’t matter that we already know what happens in the end and everything in between. With these movies it’s much more because of how they make us feel and they can become somewhat of a tradition, something you watch every Christmas when the family gets together or that day you realize Spring is just around the corner.

These movies are much more than moving pictures to us, they embody a feeling and to help you continue your relationship with these movies we found some coloring books that can help you experience your favorites like never before.

Die Hard Official Coloring Book by 20th Century Fox


Yippee-ki-yay colorists! This coloring book is what you have been searching for even if you didn’t know what you wanted. The book has 80 pages full of designs inspired by your favorite scenes from the original Die Hard movie along with some fun activities like “connect the bullet holes”. Some of the designs you can color are: John McClane crawling through the building vents, the famous bloody footprints, and of course John leaping off the Nakatomi tower.

This coloring book is a perfect stocking stuffer for the family that loves to watch this movie at Christmas and can then color along as the movie plays. It’s also a great cheeky gift for a diehard Die Hard fan.

The designs themselves are not something to rave about and are missing the details and repetitive patterns that we look for in good adult coloring books. This book then is not a great way to relax but it is a very fun lighthearted coloring book which will surely make any Die Hard fan smile.

Vintage Cult Movie Adult Coloring Book by Christopher Chouinard


If your perfect Saturday morning includes brunch paired with a classic movie from the 60s or 70s then this coloring book will be a great addition to the mix. Designed by Detroit based artist Christopher Chouinard who is known for his movie inspired art. Between the covers of the book you will find 40 pages of designs, each design accompanied by a small paragraph written by Chouinard describing his connection with the movie and how it inspired him to create that design.

The designs are printed one sided on medium quality paper which means that you can easily remove your favorite designs and display them for other to enjoy. Since the paper is not the highest quality however we do recommend scanning the designs and printing them on card-stock if you do want to display them.

Classic Movie Poster Coloring Book by Marty Noble


If you are a sucker for truly classic movies like Ben-Hur, Gone With The Wind, Stagecoach, and West Side Story then you will love this coloring book designed by Marty Noble and produced by Dover. Inside this coloring book you will find a total of 30 designs celebrating some of the iconic movies and their posters.

You will have the opportunity to dive in and recreate the promotional and now iconic posters of the movies listed above plus 25 others. Like other Dover publications the designs in this book are printed back to back which means that you can’t use markers or gel pens since they will bleed through and ruin the design on the back of the page. Due to this we do recommend using colored pencils or if you are set on using markers we suggest scanning the designs and printing them onto thicker paper that you can then also use to display your creations.

Happy Coloring!

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