Michaels Coloring Books - Have We Reached The Top Of The Mountain?

Michaels Adult Coloring Books


Michaels Coloring Books:

Have We Reached The Top Of The Mountain???

Welcome back everyone to our 2nd to last instalment of this 7 part series. If you would like to take a look at all of the topics covered till this point, feel free to click on our resource page we have linked here for your convenience.

On this blog instalment we finally get to talk about one of the fastest growing Art's and Craft chains in the U.S. Which would be Michael's.

Let's dive right in.

Pros of Buying Your Adult Coloring Books Michaels

Right off the bat we have to admit Michael's seems to be a step above most of this list. In fact they placed #1 out of all department stores selling adult coloring books (and #2 overall in this study). Michael's has got a couple of things really going well for them at the moment.

First off is that Michael's employs a category manager that has been with the company for over 5 years. Jenny has been a pleasure to work with over the past few months and she really knows exactly what an adult coloring fan is looking to color. With this knowledge Michael's has some of the best books / designs out of all the big box stores we talked about.

Due to a person whose sole job is to weed out bad books, Michael's does a great job of ensuring that the quality of their books stays high, but their prices stay lower than say those at Barnes and Noble. Michael's also does a great job of getting you more designs in each book, so rarely will you find a book with less than 30+ designs which ensures you get that many more fun filled patterns to color in!

Lastly, the coloring books for adults Michael's pass a rigorous test in which unsold books after a certain amount in time get sent back to the companies who printed them. This ensures that only the hottest and newest titles are out for those to purchase; keeping Michael's up to date with the newest adult coloring book trends that other big box stores seem to fall behind with.

Cons of Buying Your Adult Coloring Books from Michael's

This would be me trying to be extremely nit-picky to find a reason here, but there is one to mention. While the quality of the books are great and the prices are reasonable, you will almost never find a coupon for a LARGE discount code on the adult coloring books as you might find at Hobby Lobby.

Again this is not a huge deal breaker by any means as the coloring books at Michael's seem to be priced reasonably and have moderately difficult designs. But it is a known fact that Hobby Lobby and a few other competitors do from time to time have these huge sales on their adult coloring books left in stock. The fact that Michael's rarely does has to be mentioned here.


This was without a doubt the top performing big box store to buy your adult coloring books from. However if you want to see the top performing company on the market, click here to see our latest blog post on the hottest coloring books for adults in 2016!

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