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#1 Rated Adult Coloring Book Set On The Market...

Creatively Calm Studios

It has finally arrived, the 7th and final instalment of our Where To Buy Your Adult Coloring Books from. We have discussed big box stores from Walmart, to Target, to Amazon and many of the other top distributors in the adult coloring book business.

But there has clearly been a top option in 2016 (and is expected to hold the top spot in all adult coloring book metrics for many years to come) and that would be our very own adult coloring book sets offered right here at Creatively Calm Studios. Lets get right into the details!

Pros of Buying Your Coloring Books for Grownups from Creatively Calm

First off, we were the first adult coloring book company to come up with the idea of giving 3 different genre of books all in a single, easy to purchase 3 pack set. With each of our unique books offering something for everyone; it was our goal to ensure that EVERYONE could find a stress relieving pattern that they wanted to fill out at the exact point in time. Which we do feel we accomplished with our 3 different adult coloring book sets we offer:

As you can see we pack our adult coloring books with more images than almost every other competitor on the market. Online coloring for adults has never had 3 book sets like this before, but what truly sets us apart is the thickness of paper our printers use when creating our coloring books.

We know that coloring for adults is something that millions of us love to do each day. Whether it is to relieve stress, or to simply take back 30 minutes a day of your personal “ME” time; the last thing you want is for your gel pens or markers to bleed through the pages.

Thickest Paper on the Market

Here at Creatively Calm Studios we use some of the thickest paper on the market. This is something that we are incredibly proud of as it shows our commitment to our customers that we will not attempt to pinch pennies by going with a lesser quality paper; never will your gel pens or markers bleed through to other designs in our books.

Talented Designers From Around The World

Which leads us to our last point. We hire out some of the most talented designers throughout the world to create the designs for our adult coloring books. We took a poll of our customers and found out that many of them hated to have the basic designs that many companies use; BUT they also hated when companies did every single page as intricate / difficult as possible. We know how big coloring for adults has grown, so this was something we had to get right the first time.

With this in mind, we ensure that every book of ours is split into various design difficulties. Each book with have about 1/3rd basic designs, the next 1/3rd will be intermediate designs and the last 1/3rd will be advanced designs. This allows our customers to find a pattern & difficulty level they feel most like coloring at that point in time!


While this list could go on and on about being the #1 Rated Adult Coloring Book Set on Amazon for the last 6 months running, or how our 4.8 star rating (out of 5 stars) is one of only 3 companies with over 350 reviews; but you all want to get to coloring.

In fact to treat all of you to a few of our designs, here is a direct link where you can grab 3 FREE images done by the artists here at Creatively Calm Studios. We believe so much in our product we are willing to give away images to each and every person who needs to get their adult coloring book fix in right now!

You have seen our list, you have come across the hottest selling adult coloring book option on the market, and you can even grab 3 free images by either using the links above or the banner below this blog post. YOUR MOVE...


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