Adult Coloring Books At Hobby Lobby

Adult Coloring Books Hobby Lobby


Finally A Craft Store Emerges!

Enter the Adult Coloring Books At Hobby Lobby...

Hey everyone and welcome to the 4th instalment of this 7 part series. While we have covered quite a few different places on where to buy your adult coloring books from; we only just hit the half way mark of this series.

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We are excited to finally talk about the first craft store that has hit this list. Hobby Lobby may not be the most well known arts and craft store in the U.S. But it does have one VERY large perk that people need to know about, so let's get right into it!

Pros of Buying Your Adult Coloring Books Hobby Lobby

There is one MAJOR benefit of grabbing your adult coloring books from Hobby Lobby; but I bet it's not what you were expecting. Have you guys ever heard of the “Hobby Lobby Coupon” that is released weekly? This one phrase is searched over a MILLION times a month, but for good reason.

Every week Hobby Lobby releases a brand new “Hobby Lobby Coupon” and it has got a TON of random deals and discounts to be used on items in the store. Now I am not talking about these tiny 10% off coupons.

I am talking full blown 40%-70% discounts off regular priced items in all sorts of different sections in there store. From picture frames, to paint colors, every week the Hobby Lobby coupon code gives you a massive discount in a few main sections of any Hobby Lobby department store. 

Overall the quality of books at Hobby Lobby are simply OKAY... In fact other places on this list do have better items / adult coloring books for sale; but if you can find a coupon randomly for their adult coloring book section; we highly recommend taking advantage of the massive discount you will receive from it.

Cons of Purchasing Your Adult Coloring Books From Hobby Lobby

As we mentioned above, the quality of the books are simply average. You are not getting the terrible Chinese knockoffs like some of the other options discussed, but the prices are a bit high for what you are paying for.

Most of their books have less than 30 designs per book, yet they are charging you quite a bit more than the average consumer is used to paying for that few designs. Overall the quality of the designs are not bad, but most users have rated their books to be more on the basic side of things which turns off a lot of adult coloring enthusiasts.


Overall the best thing we can say about Hobby Lobby is the coupon they offer each week on random sections of their department stores. If you can find a coupon to use on an adult coloring book there, go for it. Otherwise you are probably better off using a few of the other options we are going to cover in a few days. Keep an eye out for our newest blog post on this topic!

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