How Adult Coloring Books Barnes and Noble Gives Hope To Those Who Love To Color

barnes and noble adult coloring books

Is That Light At The End Of The Tunnel???

How Adult Coloring Books Barnes and Noble Gives Hope To Those Who Love To Color...

Welcome to part 3 of our 7 piece series on the best places to buy adult coloring books from. While the first two pieces (on Amazon and Walmart) were not that flattering, do not lose faith my fellow colorers. With 5 other name brands to review, things are looking up for anyone searching for quality adult coloring pages.

Pros of Buying Coloring Books For Adults Barnes and Noble

So the good news is that in general, Barnes and Noble does carry better quality adult coloring books than the previous sources mentioned. Barnes and Noble actually has a category manager that looks over all the adult coloring books submitted and only allows a select few to hit their retail stores.

Where other companies are trying to get their hand on as many adult coloring books as possible, Barnes and Noble only allots a small section of their stores to adult coloring books. This means that the paper quality, design intricacy, and over attributes of each coloring book that makes it onto a Barnes and Noble shelf is a bit higher than other big box stores.

Cons of Buying Barnes and Noble Coloring Books

While we gave such a glowing review above, unfortunately there are two cons we must mention.

The first was slightly touched on above, but since Barnes and Nobles adult coloring book section is quite small in their stores, your selection is SEVERELY limited to usually an animal design book or two, with a few geometric shape books lurking around as well.

Thats it...

Secondly, due to their being a limited amount of adult coloring books in each store; the prices on them are quite a bit HIGHER than other retail stores. It is not uncommon to see coloring books for adults priced as high as $15 for a single book with 50 images.

Now Barnes and Noble does do a decent job of making sure the designs within each book are well done and the paper is thick, but for $15 for only 50 images, that price seems a bit steep to us; especially when there are better bang for your buck options on the market.


Overall Adult Coloring Books Barnes and Noble rates as slightly above average on our list of 7 main options to purchase coloring books from. The quality of the books found here are usually better than some of the cheap knock off things found at other establishments, but your wallet takes a bigger hit than it should have to for the higher quality designs.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for our next blog post covering Adult Coloring Books at Hobby Lobby!

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