The Biggest Dilemma Facing Customers Purchasing Adult Coloring Books At Walmart


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Welcome to the 2nd part of our 7 piece series with today's topic covering those who are considering purchasing their next adult coloring book set at Walmart (click here to see the first post about Amazon).

Walmart has been long known for its cheap prices and reasonable quality products, so lets dive a little deeper into that train of thought to see if it applies to our beloved adult coloring books.

Pros of Buying Adult Coloring Books Walmart

Most Walmart's around the U.S. have started a dedicated section just for adult coloring books in their stores. While most Walmarts have simply expanded on their normal book section they offered, some Walmarts have gone as far as to create a newly formed Arts & Crafts section near the front of their stores with Adult Coloring Books being the lead attraction!

Walmart offers a ton of different book titles in that new section. From Animals to Mandalas to even scenic voyages Under the Sea, Walmart has a large collection of Adult Coloring Books to ensure that there is something for everyone.

While this all seems fine and dandy, Walmart is holding back a tiny (ok maybe pretty BIG) secret from the public which we will share with you below...

Cons of Buying Coloring Books For Adults Walmart

NEWS FLASH: Walmart sells a TON of stuff every day. You know it, I know it and most importantly Walmart knows it. With this knowledge Walmart throws around its weight the moment anyone tries to get their products into stores.

Walmart knows how badly people want to be in their stores to offer their products to the millions of customers who shop there every single day. With this in mind here are some basic numbers / averages of those who get the chance to put their products on Walmart shelves.

If you product costs $1 to make, Walmart will offer you a $1.25 per item. Walmart will then turn around and sell it for $4 a unit in their retail stores. Now there is nothing wrong with Walmart making a profit, that is just simple economics. What DOES affect a lot of the adult coloring books that Walmart sells is that the companies who produce these books realize that they are making MAYBE 10 cents a sale after all of the taxes, fees, etc... come out of the negotiated deal.

Due to this, what do you think is the first thing these companies selling their adult coloring books in Walmart look to do? CUT COSTS!!! The easiest way to do that with these adult coloring books is to simply get thinner paper (which gel pens bleed through immediately) or cutting out the number of DESIGNS in each book so their paying their printers for less pages to be done.


In the end what you end up with was a company that started off with good intentions of selling an amazing product to the masses; now trying to cut every single corner to turn that 10 cent profit into at least 25 cents a book. Which, if we can all be honest here, is a recipe for disaster.

Hope you guys have been loving this series. Follow along with next weeks article on Adult Coloring Books at Barnes And Noble!


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