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amazon adult coloring books

Welcome to the first part of our 7 piece series on the best places to buy adult coloring books online. In our very first piece we wanted to tackle one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon!

Without further ado lets get right into it!

Pros for Buying Amazon Coloring Books 

There a few things that Amazon is amazing for and the first thing that pops into everyones mind is the free 2 day shipping with your Prime Account. While Amazon's customer service has slipped just a tiny bit from the legendary status it had held for so many years, it's free 2 day shipping options still blow pretty much all other competitors out of the water.

Amazon has pretty much perfected the art of ordering from your computer to waiting less than 48 hours for your products to arrive. In some major cities they have even started experimenting with DRONE DELIVERIES!!!

Amazon's search menu makes it easy to find books that you want, and they even begun cracking down on the millions of fake reviews that plague the site. Starting on Sept 23rd 2016, you will only be able to leave a review if you have spent MORE than $50 on your account. On top of that, ordering Prime Membership does NOT count towards that $50.

It took longer than it should've, but Amazon is finally beginning to turn its review system into a positive thing for the company and consumers alike! 

Cons For Buying Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Amazon Adult Coloring Books

This is a tough section to write for us, because we love MOST things about Amazon. Heck we even use Amazon to fulfill our own Creatively Calm products due to their amazing shipping reliability. But Amazon Adult Coloring Books do get a bad rap in some circles.

In recent months Amazon has been allowing a ton of cheap Chinese suppliers to bring over terrible quality adult coloring books to try and sell for $5 a pop or less. Unfortunately for all who buy those books, they end up with images that are missing on half the pages as the design didn't print right, paper that is so thin people have reported COLORING PENCILS leaving marks on the next page, the list goes on and on.

While there are a few quality adult coloring books left on Amazon, most of the Amazon market has been flooded with these incredibly cheap knock offs with poorly designed images and tissue paper like pages.


The customer service and shipping options are still at the top of our rankings, but as for the actual product at hand (Adult Coloring Books) there are definitely better places / stores to find the quality adult coloring books that actually help one relieve stress and create beautiful art.

Peek ahead for our next write up on the adult coloring books at Walmart!


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