Top 3 Chibi Girl Adult Coloring Books on Amazon


If you are a fan of anime and manga then you are undoubtedly familiar with the cute oversized head bearing characters associated with the chibi style of illustration. As part of our recent anime series we decided to find and rank the top 3 best adult coloring books that best represent the chibi style of art. Below you can find out picks, but no matter the order we thought all of these coloring books were top notch!

3. Chibi Girls in Whimsical Floral


This adult coloring book by V Art is an awesome mix of floral patterns and chibi characters. Each design is printed single sided and the back of every page is colored solid black to minimize any bleed through. Every design features a chibi female character on a background of floral designs that are of medium difficulty. The designs are a lot of fun to color and will be enjoyable for both beginners and more experienced colorists.

The paper used in this adult coloring book is classic CreateSpace crisp white paper which is on the thinner side. We recommend sticking with colored pencils when coloring in this book but if you do decide to use ink, specifically markers, make sure you use a spare piece of paper behind the design to soak up any bleed though just in case it occurs.

A nice touch of this coloring book is that you will find a second copy of every design so you have the chance to color it a second time with a whole new color scheme.

2. Chibi Girls Horror


Just in time for Halloween this coloring book features over 106 pages of chibi girl designs that are Halloween themed featuring plenty of skeletons, pumpkins, bats and all manner of other creepy favorites. Every design is printed single sided with the back of the page colored solid black so that it does not show bleed through. These designs are of medium difficulty and in our opinion can be enjoyed by adults and younger colorists alike.

Once again this adult coloring book is printed using CreateSpace so the paper is crisp, white, and on the thinner side. The single sided printing helps to reduce the risk of bleed through damaging other designs but we still recommend using a spare piece of paper especially when using strong markers like Sharpies.

This coloring book also features a second printing of every design which gives you the opportunity to color your favorite design a second time using a different color scheme.

1. Chibi Girls: An Adult Coloring Book


Illustrated by renowned artist Jade Summer this coloring book got our top spot because of it’s wonderful illustrations and full page designs. While the rest of the coloring books on this list featured high quality designs they tended to take up only a part of the page, the designs in this coloring book however made better use of all the available space while still keeping the quality high.

Between the covers of this adult coloring book you will find a total of 52 designs, however like the other two books on the list you will find that every design has a copy giving you the opportunity to color each design a second time. This means that you are essentially getting 26 original designs.

Each design is printed single sided with the back of every page being colored solid black to minimize the appearance of bleed through. When using markers we strongly suggest utilizing a spare piece of paper to reduce the chance of the severe bleed through damaging any of the other designs.

We hope that you enjoy these coloring books and as always Happy Coloring!

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