Amazing Adult Coloring Books for Knitters


Alright guys I have a bit of a confession to make...my bedroom is filled with hand knitted blankets, and my closet has dozens of pairs of hand knitted socks. I however, am not a knitter, but my mom is the biggest knitter you have ever met. She is such a big knitter that she knits even when she is asleep! I know this sounds crazy but I have watched her sit in front of the TV and as she begins to doze off her hands continue moving, and putting one row of yarn on top of the other...right until her head drops completely waking her up only to continue knitting.

With the holidays right around the corner I decided to for once in my life look for presents for my loved ones before the double digits of December come around. After what seemed like endless hours of searching on Amazon for the perfect gift for my mom, I stumbled across knitting adult coloring books! Not only is there a large selection of them, but several of them are actually of really good quality, so I decided not to keep the secret to myself and share it with you guys. So, here are the best knitting adult coloring books available on Amazon:

The Learn How To Knit Coloring Books For Adults


We are going to start off with this cute coloring book which not only features some really neat knitted items, but is designed to help beginners learn how to knit. Inside this coloring book you will find 86 pages of animals wearing knitted scarfs, hats, and even some knitted mandalas. The designs are printed single sided with the back of every designs featuring a knitting tip to help beginners improve their knitting skills.

Overall the designs in this adult coloring book are of medium quality. The reason why I say this is that some of the designs have very thick dark lines which in my opinion take away from the design. However, this is not true for all designs and just because some of the designs do have these thick lines does not make them less cute or fun to color. Even though the designs are printed single sided I strongly recommend sticking with colored pencils for this coloring book because some markers can cause severe bleed trough which could ruin the designs on the following page, and because some of the designs have a good deal of fine detail that can be difficult to fill in without the use of a well sharpened pencil.

Knitting, Kittens and Cats Adult Coloring Book


Up next we have this adult coloring which features 24 full page designs of kittens and their favorite play toy: yarn. The illustrations in this coloring book are by top selling artist Jason Hamilton who is also responsible for adult coloring books like Cats & Quilts. The designs are printed single sided on medium weight paper to reduce the chances of bleed through ruining any of the other designs. If you plan on using alcohol based markers however I do recommend placing a spare piece of paper in between designs to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur.

An awesome addition to this adult coloring book is that every design is included in the book a second time giving you the option of using a new set of colors. Unlike the first coloring book in this list, this one does not have any tips for knitters, but the quality of the actual designs is higher. The designs have a good level of complexity that is perfect for new beginners and is complex enough to keep more experienced colorists entertained. There is also some blank space around the subject of the designs which is perfect for your own creative additions to the designs.

Knitting Notions Adult Coloring Book


Finally, this adult coloring book by popular coloring book publisher Creative Haven features 64 pages of yarn filled designs that will put a smile on any knitting fan's face. Between the covers of this coloring book you will find designs filled with cats, wine and knitting, alpacas wearing knitted clothing, tons and tons of yarn balls, and even a mandala or two made of yarn.

The designs in this adult coloring book are printed single sided on classic CreateSpace crisp white paper. A big positive point for this book is that the pages of the book are perforated which allows you to remove the design before coloring in order to protect the rest of the designs from bleed through. This also makes it very easy to frame your coloring creations once you are one with them.

If you have a knitting fan in your life, or are a fan yourself, you have to check out these coloring books. They certainly made my Christmas shopping quite a bit easier!

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