These Kawaii Adult Coloring Books Are Awesome


Tiny and cute is what Kawaii is all about. If you are not familiar with huge the amounts of cuteness that every single one of these little guys carries with it then you are in for a treat. If you are familiar with Kawaii and are a fan of this Japanese style then you are absolutely going to love these Kawaii style adult coloring books.

Kawaii Unicorns Adult Coloring Book


In this adult coloring book you will find 58 pages of single sided designs all depicting super cute small sized unicorns. If you love unicorns or the Kawaii style of illustration then you will seriously love this coloring book.

The paper used in this book is classic CreateSpace paper and is a bit glossy. The issue with this is that pencil and pen marks will be noticeable. If you plan on using markers then make sure that you use a spare piece of paper behind the design so that you can stop bleed through from ruining any of the other designs.

The designs in this coloring book are a bit on the simple side and have large spaces. This means that they are not overly challenging and are awesome for beginners or for coloring along with a young one, especially ones that are fans of My Little Pony, they will love this coloring book!

Kawaii Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book features 40 kawaii designs printed single sided. The subjects are classic Kawaii style small and cute ice creams with faces, robots, and other cuties. These characters and very fun and whimsical and a joy to color.

The paper used for this coloring book is once again CreateSpace so you can expect the same thin white paper. The single sided printing is good since there is no design on the back of the page that can be ruined by bleed through. Do however use a spare piece of paper in between designs in order to soak up any severe bleed through that may occur especially when using markers.

Once again the designs in this coloring book for the most part are on the simpler side with a few more complex ones but they are all a lot of fun to color. This is a perfect whimsical coloring book to play with after a stressful day and when you don’t want to work on a serious coloring book. Also another example of a perfect coloring book to work on with a younger one.

Shades of Kawaii: A Cute Coloring Book


This adult coloring book created by well known street artist and graphic designer Miss Wah is made up of 22 single sided coloring designs. The subjects depicted are classic Kawaii cuteness and you can expect to find smiling coffee cups, big eyed skulls bursting with charisma, kittens, and all other manner of tiny characters.

Just like all the other coloring books on this list this one is also printed on CreateSpace so you can expect the same bright white thin paper. The single sided printing helps reduce bleed through and the risk of pressure damage to any of the other designs but we do suggest using a spare piece of paper to soak up any severe bleed through when using markers.

The designs in this coloring book are a bit more complex and have more intricacy and that’s what really made this one stand out to us. Because of the cute characters this is still an awesome coloring book that you can use to bond with younger ones but even more experienced colorists will also find it a joy to work on.

Hope you guys enjoy these coloring books and as always Happy Coloring!

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