Think Outside The Book, Decorate Your House With Coloring Posters For Adults


We all love to show off our coloring creations. If you are anything like us the moment that someone asks about our hobby we take out our coloring books and show them our favorite designs. Some people (us included) even decide to display their coloring creations so that they and their guests can enjoy them regularly.

The issue with displaying coloring designs however is that they tend to be too small to be truly appreciated on a wall. Since they are designed to be easily carried and contained in a book they do not lend themselves well to being displayed on a wall. However, someone has thought about this ailment and come up with the cure - coloring posters for adults.

These posters are the perfect way to display your coloring skill. They tend to be rather large which means that they can be easily enjoyed from afar. To make it as easy as possible for you we have scoured the internet to find what we think are the best, highest quality, and more fun, coloring posters for adults. Enjoy!

Doodle Art Butterflies Coloring Posters


Any child of the late 70’s who was interested in art should recognize this poster. The original Doodle Art coloring poster is back after a decade of being unavailable it is now on Amazon and easily obtainable. This large 24” by 34” poster is a blast to color and once done will look great on any wall in your house, especially in a room, or basement perhaps, dedicated to greatness of the 70s...anyone else think this would look great in Eric Forman’s basement?

The design is printed on 10% recycled paper that is of very good quality. The design itself while large is still pretty intricate which makes it very fun to color and still a wonderful option for as an art therapy tool. One of my favorite things about this poster though has to be that it comes with a pack of free markers. Love free markers!

Mandala Madness Adult Coloring Poster


This is THE coloring poster for mandala and art therapy lovers. This design has over 15 different mandalas packed into a 22” by 32.5” inch illustration. The design itself is printed on very nice paper that is crisp white and heavy weight. The poster also comes rolled up into a rigid and reusable mailing tube which we really liked.

This is a wonderful subject to color in order to relax after a hard day but it also makes a great project for you and the kids to work on together, or to earn some quiet minutes on your own :).

Olga Kostenko Coloring Canvas


This is the creme de la creme of coloring posters. This is not a paper poster, it is in fact a canvas on which a coloring design is printed. The canvas is then stretched over a frame and looks like an art piece you may find in a gallery. What makes this “coloring poster” so cool is that we think the design printed on it, a doodle of different camping and hiking equipment, looks just as good blank as it does colored in.

Since this is printed on canvas and not paper it will be difficult to color using pencils but markers work well along with good quality paint. If using markers we suggest you visit your local art supply store and ask them for a suggestion for a sealing spray to use after completing the coloring. This coloring poster demands a little extra work but the finished product looks like you bought it out of a gallery.

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