Stress Relief Through Color By Numbers Adult Coloring Books


Adult coloring books are meant to sooth and relax you after a hard work day or a day of taking care of the kids. However, some people may find it more difficult than others. A lot of people find it very stressful to stare at a blank page and come up with colors to use. This can have the opposite effect of what we want coloring to be. It should calm you down and relax you, not stress you out further.

This is when "color by number" coloring books are a wonderful option. "Color by number" coloring books give you the ability to capitalize on all the benefits that come with normal adult coloring books while helping you relax by removing the need to pick out your own colors. Here are some of our favorites:

Mandalas Color By Number by Creative Heaven 


Mandalas are an awesome subject to color since their natural shape and method of coloring helps to relax you and remove any of the hardships of the day from your mind. This coloring book features 46 mandala designs printed on single sided pages that have softly printed numbers that correspond to a given color scheme. This gives you the option to either follow the color suggestion provided or strike out on your own whenever you feel like it. 

The single sided printing means that you can use any color medium you want including markers since there are no designs on the back that can be ruined from bleed through. Furthermore the pages are perforated which makes removing them a breeze. This helps to avoid bleed through ruining designs on the other pages, or to display after completing.

Color By Numbers: Enchanted World by Nathalie Ortega


This coloring book is the most popular of a series of color by number coloring books produced by the same company. The designs in the book are all based on magical and fantastic worlds and animals, from fairies to centaurs it’s all in here.

The 60 plus designs in this epic coloring book are printed single sided which means that you can use markers if you wish, we do however recommend using a spare piece of paper behind the design if you do decided to use markers since the ink can bleed through and ruin the illustrations on the next page. One of our favorite features of this coloring books is the back cover flap which opens up to reveal the number/color information. You can then leave this flap open and flip to the design you are coloring and you have your color guide handy right next to you, no need to flip back and forth between pages to see the color guide.

American Landscapes Color By Number by Creative Heaven


This color by number adult coloring book is especially great because it guides you to color in some of the most epic vistas in America, from Yosemite, to Boulder Mountain, and Enders State Forest. Coloring nature can be difficult sometimes because it can be very hard for non professionals artists to pick the colors that would best bring the scene to life. This coloring book provides you with the best color option for that space which along with removing the stress of having to pick your own colors helps you produce near true representations of these beautiful nature scenes.

The 46 designs are printed single sided on perforated pages which means that you can use any color medium you like from pencils to markers without worrying about ruining a design on the back side of the page. The perforation also makes bleed through a worry of the past by allowing you to remove your chosen design before coloring. This also makes it easy for you to display your favorite designs.

If you look at a coloring design and immediately find yourself panicking then give color by number coloring books a shot, we think you will like them :). Happy coloring!

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