Get Ready For Your Beach Vacation With These Ocean Adult Coloring Books


It's summer and many of us will probably be heading to a beach sometime soon. Whether it’s by a lake, a river, a pool, or the actual ocean beach sand and water are a necessity as a summer experience. However, the beach is not the only interesting thing that happens by the ocean, there is an endless amount of interesting things to see beneath the ocean’s waves.

If you’ve ever gone scuba diving or free diving you know the amazing creatures and colors that you can find in the world’s oceans. With these memories in mind, and beach vacations so close you can smell the ocean breeze we decided to find some of the best ocean coloring books on the market to help you get through the next couple of weeks and to your beach vacation.

Sea Life Color By Number by Creative Heaven


This adult coloring book by Creative Heaven features 46 underwater designs printed single sided on perforated sheets of white paper. The single sided printing means that you can use gel pens and markers to color in the designs since there is no design on the back for bleed through to ruin. We do however recommend that if you are coloring with markers that you use a spare piece of paper behind your chosen design so that you soak up any bleed through and reduce the risk of ruining the design on the next page. The perforated pages are a wonderful addition that allows you to easily remove the designs after completion and display them, or to remove them before coloring for ease of use.

Since the designs in this ocean adult coloring book are “color by number” it means that you do not have to stress about what colors go well together, all you do is relax and follow the directions. There is a convenient color code printed on the back of the book. The best part is that if you don’t want to follow the suggested color options, you don’t have to. The designs themselves are of good quality and will be entertaining for any level colorist. 

Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford


This is one of the top selling coloring books in the entire industry and it is created by best selling designer Johanna Basford. Between the covers you will find about 80 designs printed on both sides of the page. While we think that the designs in this book are wonderful, although tend to lean too much to the intricate side, the biggest negative for this book is the paper quality.

Since the designs in this ocean adult coloring book are printed on both sides of the page you would expect a heavy weight paper than can handle gel pens and markers but instead we get a pretty light weight paper that easily allows bleed through when using makers. Due to this we suggest that you stick only to colored pencils when working on this book since anything else will bleed through and ruin the design on the back of the page.

Under The Sea by Creatively Calm Studios

This is one of our newest coloring books and we are absolutely in love with it! In this ocean adult coloring book you will find 40 designs printed on some of the heaviest paper used in the industry. This means that you can use your gel pens and most markers without the worry of bleed through ruining the design on the back of the page.

One of the best parts about this coloring book is that it actually comes as a set of 3 books. Along with this coloring book you will also receive our other newest coloring books including Up In The Air and Into The Jungle. The designs range from intricate to ones with larger spaces so no matter what difficulty design you are in the mood for you will find what you are looking for in this coloring book. 

Happy coloring!

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