Native American Inspired Adult Coloring Books


If you loved to watch Westerns as a kid or are a fan of Native American culture and designs then you definitely need to check out this set of adult coloring books. Each one depicts classic Native American scenes and allows you to color things like dream catchers, totem poles, and head dresses. Enjoy!

Dream Catcher Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book published using Amazon’s CreateSpace system features 74 pages of coloring designs with each design getting it’s own page. The paper used is crisp white, thin, and on par with other adult coloring books printed using CreateSpace.

The designs in this coloring book are simple and not very complex so they would be perfect for a beginner, or colorists who enjoy adding in their own bits of detail to designs. However, I do think that the designs are beautifully drawn and I really enjoyed adding small details within the dream catchers and feathers, and when I was in the mood to do more general coloring that was easy to do as well because of the larger white spaces.

Even though the designs are printed single sided the thin paper used in this book does bleed through when using ink. I highly recommend using a spare piece of paper between designs especially when using alcohol based markers since there is a chance that they will cause severe bleed through and ruin any other designs.

Native American Adult Coloring Book


If you are a big fan of Native American culture and art then you will love this adult coloring book. Created by ZenMaster Coloring Books and printed using CreateSpace this coloring book features 56 pages of single sided designs inspired by the culture of the first inhabitants of the American continent.

The design depict subjects like totem poles, teepees, beautiful landscapes, owls, wolves, and tons of other animals and subjects. This coloring book also comes with a page of coloring tips which is awesome for beginners, and a color test page on which you can test different colors and experiment with blending colors.

Like the first coloring book on this list this one is also printed using CreateSpace so you can expect the same thin crisp white paper. Once again I suggest sticking to colored pencils in order to avoid any bleed through that may occur when using ink from markers or gel pens.

Native American Artwork and Design Adult Coloring Book


This is THE adult coloring book lovers of Native American culture and design. Once again created by ZenMaster Coloring Books and printed using CreateSpace this adult coloring book has 58 pages featuring over 20 designs printed single sided.

The designs in this adult coloring book feature a wide range of Native American motifs and objects like totem poles, masks, head dresses, kokopelli, dream catchers and much more. Once again in this coloring book you will find a coloring tips page and a page to test new colors and experiment with color blending.

This coloring book is printed on regular CreateSpace thin white paper so I recommend using a spare piece of paper to soak up and bleed through if using markers or gel pens. If you would like to protect your colorings even more and go a step further then I suggest using card stock which will not only soak up bleed through but will also protect your colorings and designs from pressure marks.

I hope that you will enjoy these coloring books and as always Happy Coloring!

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