The Weirdest Adult Coloring Books On Amazon


Coloring cute animals and pretty flowers is great and all but what if you want to color something really bizarre, weird, and unexpected? It can be hard to find something truly unique so we decided to do the hard work for you and compile a list of the best and weirdest adult coloring books on Amazon.

The Floppy Eared Bipedal Pachyderm by Patrick Barney


You can tell that this coloring book will fulfill all your “weird” needs just by looking at the front cover, but it is also surprisingly cute. Inside you will find 40 designs to color that range from simple to more intricate and complex. The designs are printed on both sides of the page so we suggest using colored pencils since you will get bleed through with markers and gel pens. A nice feature of this coloring book is the plastic comb binding which helps to keep the coloring book flat when coloring

This coloring book lacks any central story but is just a compilation of designs featuring strange creatures like the “main character” Pachyderm. Everything in this coloring book can be colored including the “Contents” page. This is a great coloring book to mix up your usual coloring subjects.

Emoji Crazy Coloring Book by Newbourne Media


Ready to color your favorite emojis? This coloring book may not be super weird but it is very cute and fun. Between the covers you will find 48 detachable coloring pages that feature emojis you will certainly find familiar. The designs in this book are printed on single sided thick pieces of paper reducing bleed through if you choose to use markers.

In order to completely get rid of bleed through this book comes with a plastic inlay card which you can slip behind the design you are coloring and protect the rest from pressure marks and stray bleed through. The top binding means that you won’t be bothered by a binding while coloring.

The designs feature your favorite emojis assembled in scenes and repetitive patterns. Another great benefit is that the designs range from easy all the way to more intricate and complex allowing you to decide what difficult to color based on your mood.

Legendarty by Emmanuel Street


This coloring book truly is unique. Artist Emmanuel Street uses intricate patterns using "pareidolia" - the psychological phenomenon in which the mind recognizes a pattern where there isn’t one. Each one of the 57 images is named after a person since the colorist can sometimes see a person’s face inside the pattern. The cool thing is that different people may see different faces in the patterns which will in turn change how you color the design.

All the designs are printed on one side of the paper which is of medium quality. Although coloring with gel pens should be ok we suggest using colored pencils and if you do decide to use either gel pens or markers a spare piece of paper or cardboard between pages is advised.

The Bizarre Coloring Book For Adults by Marty Jo’s Coloring


Inside this coloring book you will find 49 of the most bizarre designs around. There is no rhyme or reason to the designs in this book just weird images like snake heads, several different scary-ish faces, and other such designs. The illustrations are printed on medium weight single sided pages which helps reduce bleed through. If using markers we would suggest also using a spare piece of paper between pages to protect the rest of the designs.

This coloring book is not scary but you can definitely expect to find nothing like cute mandalas, flowers, and animals. A nice feature of this coloring book is that the designs are not too intricate and each design can probably be finished within an hour. A great coloring book for days when you want just a little bit of coloring.

Bizarro Land by Creative Haven


This coloring book illustrated by Sniff Books Cartoonist Dan Piraro and produced by Creative Haven is unlike any coloring book you have seen before. Inside you will find 31 truly bizarre designs printed on medium weight paper standard with that of other Creative Haven books. All designs are printed on single sided pages of the book helping to reduce bleed through. The use of a spare piece of paper between page is recommended if using markers.

The designs in this book are wonderfully strange and have the perfect amount of detail...just enough to be entertaining but not so much that it can terrify. While each illustration has its own “subject” like an airport scene for example, everything else is unexpected from the airport tower which is more of a bird’s head to the several stories tall tourist who is also a mouse instead of human. While we can’t promise that you will ever fully understand what is going on in these illustrations we are fairly certain that you will be wildly entertained.


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