Our Favorite Coloring Designs


Creatively Calm Studios has been around for awhile now and over the last year we have created over 360 unique designs. The amazing thing about our designs is that our artists are based all over the world and that is something that I think you can really feel when you color our designs as opposed to others. You just really get to feel how vibrant and diverse life is all in the same coloring book. So after creating close to 400 designs I decided to turn back the pages and show a little bit of love to my favorite CCS designs.

Bird Scenery


This is one of our newer designs and I absolutely love it. Birds are very proud animals and I feel like you really get a good sense of the pride that the bird in this coloring has. I do have to say that more than the subject what really makes me love this coloring page so much is the design. It has the perfect level of intricacy. Certain regions like the tree detail and the feather details could take a long time to color especially if you decide to do some shading. Using some shading and blending techniques on the feathers specifically could create a very cool effect.

I also love that there is some open space in this design to balance out the intricacy in the trees and feathers. Many designs on the market just go way too far on the detail work and fill up the entire page with doodles. This design gives you the choice to either take it easy on the wide open background, or, if you do wish to color in something with a ton of detail you have the ability to create your own intricate designs

Eiffel Tower


One of my biggest passions in life is travel. I have been to many places in my brief time on this planet but the city of Paris and France in general is still one of my favorite places that I have ever visited. So I have to be honest, I am a little bit biased about this coloring. It could probably be awful and I would probably still love it just because of the subject. Luckily this designs isn’t awful, far from it in fact.

I am a huge fan of the angle in which the Eiffel Tower is presented. Many designs of the Eiffel tower will just show it in a very normal way, just to show the subject, but the angle used in this design reminds me of the way I felt when I personally stood at the foot of the tower and looked up at the top. That angle is a true gift. An interesting thing about the tower is that it’s not secret like so many other famous monuments around the world. When you are in Paris it’s hard to miss it, it’s the tallest thing for miles. The whole time you are approaching it you can see it, but that moment when you stand just below it and look up at it, that’s the real gift, and that’s what this designs gives us as the colorists.

Flower Mandala


Mandalas are a great way to relax after a hard day. A good mandala is intricate enough to capture your mind entirely but not so intricate that it scares you away in the first place. In my opinion this particular mandala hits the nail on the head in this respect.

You get plenty of detail in pockets of design but in between these pockets you still have some open room to either leave blank like in this example or color them in. And when you are done coloring in all the details and feel like you are not quite ready to come back to the world and would like to spend some more time coloring then it is very easy to go in and create small design yourself in the open space. Truly one of my favorite mandala designs!

The best part about all of these designs is that you don’t have to pay a boatload of money to get to color some of them, because now you can get 52 Creatively Calm Designs absolutely free! Check out our website to get a free coloring designs sent right to your email every week FOR A YEAR!

Happy Coloring!

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