Color Your Pet Adult Coloring Books


Our pets are not random animals, soon after entering our homes they tend to become a genuine part of the family and we can quickly forget that they are not people. We buy them rain jackets so they do not get wet when the weather is less than perfect, we buy them high quality food so they can live a long and fruitful life, and when they begin to get older we even get them tempurpedic sleeping mats to comfort their aching bodies.

This much love deserves some way to expresses it and we thought “What better way than coloring your favorite furry creatures?” Check out the best coloring books for pet lovers!

Doodle Dogs by Happy Coloring


This coloring book with designs by Amanda Neel features 30 dog illustration printed on one sided pieces of paper. The paper is of thinner quality which means that you will get bleed through with most markers. We suggest using a piece of paper behind your design to soak up any bleed through.

There are two basic designs in this book, one is a headshot style illustration of different dogs while the other is a full body illustrations. The outline of the dogs is realistic so you will quickly recognize your favorite breeds. The inside of the outline is filled with a plethora of designs like mandalas, paisley, and other doodles. This gives you the joy of coloring in your favorite type of dog while still being able to experiment with colors and work with detailed designs.

A really nice benefit of this book is that with the purchase you will also receive a PDF of all the different design which allows you to print your favorite designs on whatever kind of paper you would like and color them again.

Adult Coloring Book: Cats by Two Hoots Coloring


Any cat owner can you tell you that cats have a ton of personality. This coloring book by Two Hoots Coloring will give you the opportunity to color in 30 unique designs and allow the cats’ personalities to shine through as you see fit.

The designs are printed on one side of thin white non-perforated paper. The paper will allow most markers and some gel pens to bleed through so make sure to use a spare piece of paper behind your designs to catch any bleed through, otherwise color will seep through and onto other designs. Colored pencils work great in this book.

Some of the 30 designs show cats in profile or in full body view however all designs use patterns to fill out their subject. This gives you the opportunity to color in your favorite feline while still being able to experiment and play with different colors.

Dazzling Dogs by Creative Haven


This coloring book designed by Marjorie Samat and printed by Creative Haven has over 30 fun coloring designs featuring dogs in an array of scenes. From Dalmatian fire fighters to Southern guitar playing retrievers this book will melt your heart with cuteness.

The designs are also filled with tons of detail surrounding their subjects like paisley patterns and intricate flowers. The designs are printed on single sided on thin to medium paper consistent with other Creative Haven coloring books. We found that most markers and gel pens will have slight bleed through but not severe. The pages are perforated which allows for easy removal if you enjoy coloring designs outside the book or in order to display your new creations. If you choose to keep your designs in the book while coloring we highly suggest using a spare piece of paper between pages during coloring to soak up any bleed through that may occur.

A Million Cats: Fabulous Felines To Color by Lulu Mayo


This unique coloring book by Lulu Mayo has 64 pages filled with a plethora of cats in all shapes and sizes arranged in creative scenes resulting in hours of entertainment for you. The cats in this book are drawn in a very nice anime like style which makes this coloring book very playful and a joy to color. This anime drawing style however does mean that the cats depicted in this book are not realistic, so if you were looking for that this is not the coloring book for you.

The designs are printed on both sides of the page which means that there a ton of images for you to color (not quite a million cats though but close :) ). Even though the paper in this book is pretty thick we would suggest sticking to colored pencils and light marker usage since any bleed through will affect the design on the other side of the page. The paper is non perforated which makes sense since there are several designs that span over two pages. The designs are filled with not only cats but also a variety of patterns that make this coloring book a real joy to work with.


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