The Top 5 Easter Coloring Books For Adults


Easter is a time to celebrate spring, family, and new beginnings. While we are still very much in the thick of winter, spring is just a few weeks away and I don't know about you guys but I am ready for sunny days and t-shirts. In order to start getting you in that spring time mindset and to keep the winter blues away we have done the hard work for you and scoured the market for the Top 5 Easter Coloring Books. This way you can get ready for the arrival of spring while also getting that “me” time you definitely deserve.

5. Exceptional Easter Eggs by H. R. Wallace Publishing


This coloring book has 30 Easter Eggs waiting for your personal touch and creativity. Inside this coloring book you will find designs prominently displaying Easter eggs and other popular spring themes. The designs range from easy with large spaces to more intricate with smaller details which will require either fine tipped markers or colored pencils. This gives you the ability to decide whether you’d like to be challenged or to just color for complete relaxation.

Although the designs are printed on single sided pieces of paper we do recommend that you place a spare piece of paper behind the design you are coloring in order to minimize bleed through since the paper is not of the highest quality.

4. Rabbit Coloring Book For Adults by Coloring Books Now


Ever since German immigrants began coming to the shores of America in the 1700’s the Easter Bunny has become a staple of Easter Traditions. The cute animal is a symbol for the new life and rebirth that comes with spring time. This coloring book has 40 designs featuring bunnies and rabbits filled with intricate henna and paisley patterns. This allows you to relax and destress while coloring in your favorite cute woodland creature and getting you ready for the arrival of spring and Easter celebrations.

The designs in this book are printed on single sided pieces of paper in order to minimize bleed through. This also allows you to easily remove your designs after you have colored them and hang them up around the house for others to enjoy. We do still recommend using a piece of paper between designs since some gel pens and most heavy markers will bleed through onto other designs.

3. Easter Eggs Adult Coloring Book by Kooky Book Lovers


This adult coloring book features 40 Easter Egg designs for your to color in and even some blank ones so that you can let your creativity flow and design your own. The designs in this coloring book are printed on single sided pieces of paper. The paper quality however is on the lower side so most markers and pens will bleed through onto other designs. We highly recommend that you use at least one piece of paper behind your designs when coloring in order to minimize bleed through. Other than that this coloring book is a fantastic way for you to relax while getting in the Easter spirit.

2. Spring Scenes Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


This may not be full of specifically Easter coloring pages but it is full of a myriad of designs channeling everything we love about spring and the Easter season. In this adult coloring book you will find 31 beautiful spring designs printed on single sided pieces of paper. The designs range from easy to more difficult and intricate. You will have the opportunity to color in all sorts of flowers, animals and critters, and spring activities and scenes. This is a great coloring book for those who are looking to shed their winter coats and get ready for the warmth and rebirth of springtime.

1. Easter Surprise Adult Coloring Book by Emma Andrews


This coloring book has 50 designs of pure Easter and spring time vibes. Between the covers you will find designs ranging from eggs, to bunnies, flowers, and baby chicks. The designs also vary in difficulty so you can color easy ones on days you would like to take a few quick minutes to destress or tackle more intricate ones when you are looking for hours of entertainment.

One of the best things about this coloring book is that upon purchase you also receive a PDF version of the entire book. This allows you to print out your favorite designs and color them again and again. It also gives you the option to print the designs on higher quality paper if you would like to hang up your colorings.

If you are feeling a little sick of winter and the cold, don’t worry, you are not alone. The important thing is that with every passing day we get closer and closer to Easter and that beautiful first day of Spring and warmth. Any of these coloring book will get you through to the end of winter and ready for the Easter celebrations.

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