Say "Happy Anniversary" With These Awesome Adult Coloring Books

How do you tell that special someone you love them? How do you do so other than jewelry, dinner, or chocolates which after a few anniversary’s have become stale gifts? It is difficult to put the love you feel that person in words, but as you know a picture tells a thousand words, and a book full of pictures tells a story. This year consider giving your loved one of these adult coloring books and tell them the whole story.

Hearts Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


This coloring book by Creative Heaven has over 30 heart designs printed on dramatic black backgrounds ready for your loved one to color and feel the love. The black background helps to create awesome eye popping colorings. The designs in this coloring book range from easy with large spaces to color to more difficult and intricate ones that will entertain and delight you for hours.

This adult coloring book has pretty good quality paper which helps to minimize bleed through when using gel pens or markers. The black background of the designs also helps to stop bleed through.

Love Between The Lines by Christina Collie


If your loved one is fan of books or romance novels this adult coloring book will make them smile every time they open up this book. Inside they will find 45 hand drawn designs inspired by book quotes from bestselling authors like Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd, S.C. Stephens and many more. The designs are a blast to color in. Some are simple and focus entirely on the quotes while many others are surrounded by patterns that provide a ton of detail for coloring.

Not only does this book say “I love you”, but it is also a fantastic way to relax. The intricate patterns are a great way to slow down and destress after a long day of work.

Art Therapy Bundle


This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to color. This bundle comes with 4 spiral top Living In Color adult coloring books, a set of 24 colored pencils by Sargent, and a wonderful artist’s tote bag. Each coloring book has a different theme and 100 designs each for a grand total of 400 coloring pages of enjoyment and relaxation. The colored pencils are high quality and perfect for any artist no matter their skill level. The art tote can fit all four coloring books and has smaller side pockets into which you can put your colored pencils, eraser, sharpened or anything else you might need. This bundle will provide your loved one with many hours of coloring enjoyment while giving them the freedom to conveniently take their coloring anywhere.

Romantic Heart Coloring Book by Tamika Alvarez


This coloring book by bestselling artist Tamika Alvarez is a classy and thoughtful way to say “love you to the moon and back”. Between the covers of this adult coloring book you will find over 60 pages of one sided lovely designs. Each design is printed twice allowing you to color your favorite ones a second time. All designs are centered around the heart theme and vary from easy with large detail to more intricate and difficult. With the purchase of this coloring book you will also receive a PDF version of the book which you can use to print your favorite designs again and again and even do so onto high quality paper so your loved one can display their creations.

Landmarks, Henna Designs, Butterflies and Flowers Adult Coloring Book Set by Creatively Calm

This coloring book set features some of our best selling adult coloring books. With 120 designs printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry it will provide your loved one with hours upon hours of entertainment and relaxation. While the Landmarks coloring book will transport your loved one to far off countries and place them in front of some of the most famous landmarks, our Henna Designs coloring book will help them relax and destress with intricate patterns.

If your loved one is a fan of flowers what better way to brighten their day than by gifting them a coloring book with 40 designs all prominently featuring flowers and gorgeou butterflies. Pair this coloring book set with a dozen roses and slip in that with every purchase we donate a portion of our profits to one of wonderful charities and you will be hero in their eyes for a long time.

Anniversaries are an interesting thing. You celebrate the day that you met your loved one, and yet in many ways you celebrate the time you have spent together. Fancy commercials will tell you that what you need in order to show your love is jewelry or other expensive fits, but the best gift of all is one that says “I know you better than anyone” and if your loved one loves to color then look no further.

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