The Top 5 Christmas Adult Coloring Books


Who doesn’t love Christmas? As the weather gets colder and the malls begin to set up Christmas decorations we all get into that mood where all we want to do is watch Christmas movies, listen to Jingle Bells, and drink hot chocolate. Well, why should what you color be any different?

We have done some research and have put together a list of what we think are the top 5 Christmas coloring books on the market so that you can continue your Christmas spirit with your colorings as well.

1. Magic Christmas by Cherina Kohey


This coloring book is filled with classic Christmas images like Christmas trees, mittens, decorations and reindeer. One of the best things about this book is that the designs range from easy with large open spaces to more challenging and intricate. This gives you the option of selecting the difficulty level you feel like coloring at that moment.

You will find 30 designs printed on single sided pages. Although the images are printed on single sided pages the paper is quite thin and most markers and gel pens will bleed through but simply placing a spare piece of paper behind the page you are coloring should stop any bleed through from damaging other designs.

Christmas Trees by Creative Haven


This coloring book featuring designs by Barbara Lanza has over 30 Christmas Trees for you to color in that range in theme from classic, to tropical, and victorian. All designs feature a large tree in the center of the page while the rest of the page is blank. Although we think it would have been nice to see some of these designs have an interesting background, like a repetitive geometric print, the open space does give you the ability to let your own creativity flow and design your own backgrounds.

The designs are printed onto medium thick paper and the back of every page is blank which will minimize bleed through onto other designs. While the paper is of good quality we would still recommend using a blank piece of paper just to be safe, especially when using heavier markers like Sharpies. We love that the pages in this book are perforated which make it easy to remove your favorite designs in order to hang them up for all to enjoy.

Winter Wonderland by Creative Haven


Here is another Christmas themed adult coloring book by Creative Heaven, this one however focusing more on the general winter months than focusing singularly on Christmas trees. This coloring book has over 30 images which depict classic winter scenes like sledding, ice skating, and cute woodland animals in the forest. Although the designs do not employ classic “adult” themes like repetitive shapes these scenes are quite detailed and will be a good coloring book for some of the more experienced artists or just anyone looking for a bit of a challenge.

Like most Creative Haven adult coloring books this one also has the images printed onto single sided pages of medium thickness. Again we recommend that you still use a spare piece of paper between designs just in case any bleed through occurs. Like the previous coloring book this one also has perforated pages to help with removal of your finished work.

Winter Magic by ArsEdition


This coloring book takes classic Christmas subjects like Christmas trees, reindeer, mistletoe, snowflakes, and ornaments and uses them to create fun coloring designs more inline with what we think of as adult coloring page designs. You will find tons of different designs to color in this coloring book and there is a good selection of easy and more intricate and challenging pages.

While we love that there are 80 pages of double sided designs on this book the issue is that the paper in this book is a bit on the thin side and will allow bleed through. This basically renders half of the designs in this book useless since they will have bleed through on them from the previous design. The reason we have still listed this coloring book so highly is that even if you can only color half the designs that is still a ton of designs for the price. Many of the designs also feature black backgrounds which we not only think looks very classy but helps cancel out some of the bleed through from the previous design. Overall we would simply recommend that you use coloring pencils which will eradicate the bleed through issue and allow you to color over 80 awesome Christmas designs!

Johanna’s Christmas by Johanna Basford


This Christmas inspired adult coloring book by celebrated illustrator Johanna Basford is a fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit. Between the covers you will find 37 designs printed onto single sided perforated pages. This minimizes bleed through and allows easy removal of your favorite designs.

Designs include things like snowflakes, Christmas trees, presents, ornaments, and much more. While all the designs are wonderful the one thing missing is that there aren’t many that we would categorize as intricate. Many of the designs also have large open backgrounds. This does however allow you to add onto the designs with your own patterns if you so wish.

At the end of the day any of these adult coloring pages will help you feel the Christmas spirit each and every day you spend coloring in them. Bake a few cookies, grab a glass of hot chocolate or eggnog, and take up your coloring pencils and you will quickly be swept up to Santa’s busiest day and joys of the season.

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