Adult Coloring Books That Will Help You Celebrate Veterans Day


On Veterans Day Americans celebrate those of us who have put everything on the line to protect our freedoms and our lands. These brave individuals we call veterans are the lucky ones - the ones that made it back home to the land of the brave, but many did not. We honor those fallen veterans as well.

In celebration of and a show of gratitude to veterans we decided to put together a list of the colorings books on the market that we feel like are the best way to celebrate veterans and their brave, unselfish, servitude to protect our freedoms.

Airplanes Of The Second World War by Dover


The impressively accurate designs and sketches in this coloring book will be a joy for any veteran or fan of history and planes to color in. Renowned graphic designer Carlo Demand has painstakingly reproduced some of the most famous and important air planes from the second World War, amongst them the nimble British Spitfire, the Japanese Zero, and the deadly German Komet jet fighter.

In this coloring book you will find over 45 planes for your coloring enjoyment printed on heavyweight card stock that helps to minimize bleed through. Beneath every plane design you will also find a paragraph or two describing the history and importance of that plane.

Story Of World War 2 by Dover


This coloring book featuring designs by Peter Copeland celebrates the heroism and perseverance of the soldiers in the greatest war the world has ever scene. The actions of the brave American forces helped shape the world we live in today. In this coloring book you can find depictions of some of the most important military events of the war like the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, Battle of Britain, the sinking of the German battleship Bismark, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and even the atomic bomb drop over Hiroshima.

Between the covers of this adult coloring book you will find 48 pages of design with a detailed description of the events that the designs represent. The colorings are printed on good but not great quality paper. We would recommend using only colored pencils with this book because if using markers you will experience bleed through onto the back of the page which will ruin the design printed there.

World War 2 Armored Vehicles by Nick Snels


This coloring book by Nick Snels is a fantastic gift for a retired service man, history buff, or fan of tanks. Inside you will find dozens of tanks that are very true to the schematics of the actual vehicles. Other than the design of the tanks the rest of the page is pretty open and gives you the freedom to come up with patterns with which to fill the background.

You will find designs inspired by such tanks as the Tiger I, Panzer, Puma, MAUS and many, many more. The designs are printed on paper that is slightly on the thin side so we do not recommend using markers. Coloring pencils are your best option but if you would like to use markers we strongly suggest that you use a spare piece of paper between designs to block bleed through from ruining other designs.

State Birds And Flowers Coloring Book by Dover


This coloring book celebrates one of the things that makes America so great: its nature and wildlife. Along with the American people our veterans fought to protect everything else that makes America the amazing country it is, so we thought that this coloring book that features 51 designs, one for every state and its state bird and flower along with one design for the national bird and flower - the eagle and the rose, would be a great addition to this list. Between the covers you will find a design representing every state, from Arkansas and its mockingbird and apple blossom, to California and its gull and sego lily. Included with every design is a short description of the subjects and their associates state along with small thumbnail with coloring suggestions.

The designs are printed on medium weight paper and can handle some markers and gel pens but not all. Since the designs are printed on both sides of the page we do recommend that you use primarily colored pencils since markers will bleed through onto the other side of the page and may ruin the design there.

Landmarks by Creatively Calm Studios

Although the people and its nature are the most important part of what makes a country, an important thing we can’t forget are our landmarks and monuments, many of them celebrating the citizens and soldiers themselves. Our Landmarks coloring book has 40 designs, many of which depict famous American landmarks like The White House, Mount Rushmore, and the Hollywood Sign. Included in this adult coloring book are also many other famous landmarks from around the world, many of which are in countries that are our veterans fought for in order to protect their freedoms as well.

All of our coloring books are printed on some of the heaviest paper in the industry which will minimize bleed through onto other designs giving you the opportunity to color all designs in this book. Along with that, with every purchase of a Creatively Calm coloring book we pledge to give a portion of our profits to one of our amazing charities.

Our veterans selflessly gave their lives in order to protect our freedoms and liberties. Because of their service and sacrifice we are free to breath the American air and pursue our dreams. We celebrate you and your valor and hope that you find these coloring books pleasing.

Thank you for your service!

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