Welcome The New Year With These Adult Coloring Books


New Year’s Eve is a magical moment because no matter how your year has been, the next day carries the promise of a clean slate and another chance. Just in case you are thinking about making a commitment this year to take a few hours out of every week and color, in order to get all the relaxing benefits that come with coloring, we decided to put together a quick list of the adult coloring books we think will be the best partner in crime in the coming year.

Happy New Year Coloring Book by Leona Williams


Inside this coloring book you will find over 100 images for you to color with subjects associated with the celebration of the new year. Designs range from easy with large spaces to more difficult and intricate for those artists looking for a more challenging experience.

All designs in this coloring book are printed one sided which helps reduce bleed through onto other designs. We would still recommend you use a spare piece of paper in between pages to ensure that no designs are ruined if you are coloring with markers.

Inspirational Quotes by Jade Summer


Life is hard and 365 days of it can really beat someone up. That is why this adult coloring book by Jade Summer will be an awesome addition to your collection in the new year. Inside you will find 25 designs featuring inspirational quotes like: “I Believe In Myself”, “Your Attitude Shapes The World”, and “Never Give Up”. Each quote is wrapped in fun and intricate patterns that will be a blast for you to color in. Taking the time to color in these quotes will make you not just read them but believe them and give you that extra push you need on a hard day.

The designs in this book are printed single sided on a black-backed page to reduce bleed through. Furthermore the coloring book includes a second copy of every design so you get the opportunity to color in your favorite quotes twice. The included digital copy of the book makes this a truly amazing value giving you the option of printing out your favorite designs on high quality paper or cardboard stock to make awesome inspirational wall art.

Adult Coloring Journal by School Datebooks


This is not just a regular adult coloring book, as the name suggests it is also a journal so you can create wonderful pieces of art while jotting down daily notes or recording your feelings and experiences that day. The coloring journal has over 100 pages that alternate between coloring designs and ruled pages to hold your writing. The majority of designs are mandalas, geometric shapes, and other fun to color patterns.

The pages are held together with a spiral binding which makes writing convenient by adding the ability to tuck the pages you are not using under the one you are. At 8.9 inches by 6.8 inches the size of this coloring book journal is perfect for you to slip into a bag or purse. This year help control your emotions and meet goals by jotting your thoughts into this awesome coloring book journal.

Full Set Of Coloring Books from Creatively Calm Studios

Together the 9 adult coloring books in this awesome set have 360 designs. That is almost one design for every day of the year! Each coloring book has its own theme ranging from “Into The Jungle”, to “Landmarks”, and “Animals”. When you distribute the price of this set between every day of the year it comes out to just $0.14 a day! So for under 15 cents a day next year you could come home from work knowing that you have a brand new design waiting to be colored.

The designs in all of our coloring books are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry that will help reduce bleed through onto other designs. Not only will you benefit from the the calming effects of these coloring books but you can feel good about it as well because with every purchase we will donate a portion of our profits to one of our amazing charities.

Weekly Printable Coloring Pages from Creatively Calm Studios

Maybe a design for every day of the year is too much for you. Maybe you would like to print your designs on any paper you would like. Well we have just the thing for you! With our adult coloring page subscription service you will receive 5 coloring designs every week sent straight to your email. What you do with them is up to you. Print them out multiple times, test out different color combinations, or print them onto cardboard stock and create high quality wall art.

Start this year off on a good note and make a commitment to dedicate a few hours a week to coloring and you will quickly begin to feel the awesome effects of coloring. Happy New Year!

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