The Best Flower Coloring Pages For Adults On Instagram


Different people like to color different things, this is apparent by just how many different categories of coloring subjects there are under the best selling category. But, we have to admit that some subjects are more popular than others, and for the exception of maybe one or two other immensely popular subjects like mandalas, flowers tend to reign supreme. With such a large plethora of flower coloring pages out there it got us thinking, what is the best one? There must be one that is just so good that it blows all the rest away.

To solve this dilemma we headed over to Instagram - our thinking being that there would be the biggest number of shared flower coloring pages. We got a couple of drinks, sat down on the couch, and started scrolling through literally hundreds of thousands of images on #AdultColoringPages, #FlowerColoringPages, #AdultColoringBooks, and others. Well after several hours we realized that it was a much more difficult task than we thought since there a lot of really great flower designs and we liked them all for different reasons. Over the next couple of days we started to share our favorites on our Instragram profile @CreativelyCalmStudios. Since we couldn’t decide which one was our ultimate favorite we decided to write a blog post sharing our top 3 favorite designs.

Gold Flower Coloring Page by @smfotography


While this flower coloring may not be finished yet we loved how much care was taken to color in the petals and create the perfect amount of shading. The colors have an almost mesmerizing effect and pull you in as you stare at the different hues. We love how the flower in this design seems to pop out of the page.

Another wonderful touch of this designs that we know will help make this coloring amazing when it’s finished is the small border on each petal. This border can be used to help each petal pop even more especially if left white or colored another contrasting color. We love “work in progress” pictures here at Creatively Calm because they help to show the painstaking process some designs require to become the beautiful images we are familiar with. Keep up the great work @smfotography we can’t wait to see the finished product!

Flowery Dreams by @craft_and_colors


This flower coloring has a lot going for it. There is some awesome shading, the colors are nice and vivid, and the design in general is a great mix between intricate details and bigger open spaces. We have to admit though that what really captured our interests about this coloring design was actually the choice of colors.

The darker colors used as the background in this coloring page instill a feeling that this is set during night time and that we are being given a secret glimpse into the after hours life of flowers. Against this darker background the much brighter colors in the flower petals really pop and all this together makes for a very interesting and unique flower coloring page.

Realism In Flowers by @carmellasquee


When we first laid eyes on this coloring by @carmellasquee we though that it was a photograph, but it is in fact a coloring! The shading in every part of this designs is just amazing and it is hard to see where one hue stops and the next begins. The shading is present in every detail of this coloring, even the smallest petals aren’t void of a little bit of shading. To balance the shading you can tell that much of this coloring has been touched up, perhaps with a fine tipped marker, which is just the cherry on top of an already wonderful coloring and gives it just that much more punch.

All of this combined with tiny spots of white speckled over the coloring which look like water droplets sliding down the petals give this flower coloring page an extremely realistic look and one that really makes it stand out amongst other adult flower coloring pages. Fantastic job @carmellasquee keep up the great work!

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as we did and as always Happy Coloring!

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