Awesome Elephant Coloring Pages For Adults


We recently had a conversation with one of our followers on our Instagram page about how awesome elephants are and realized that they actually make really great subjects for coloring designs.

They are large creatures which means that there is plenty of space on which to put down designs, and on top of that there is a long history of Asian prints that showcase elephants with lots of patterns on top of them. This serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for artists to create entertaining coloring designs. With this in mind we thought that there must be really awesome elephant coloring designs for adults out there.

Thai Elephant


This is the exact elephant design that started the whole conversation on our Instagram page. The design is just the right amount of intricate without crossing over into the difficult spectrum. The illustrations on the side of the animal themselves take us back to Thailand and the origins of our company.

If you walk down the tiny streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai you will find street vendors that sell thin pants with elephant designs that look very similar to this one. The colors used in this design by @thecoloredchick are perfectly chosen in order to help the design pop and don’t overpower it. This is something that is often times missed. Wonderful coloring and design!

Posing Elephant


This is one of our favorite designs and one of our very first ones. Because the illustration itself does not support a whole lot of dimensionality it gives you the opportunity to create that dimensionality using color. This is a great elephant design for first time colorists because of the simple layout and larger detail while still being entertaining for artists who want to use shading and color to add that extra level of dimensionality. You can find this awesome elephant design on our Instagram page colored by @shawnannnjimmurphy along with much more of her art, she is a wonderful colorist!

Charging Elephant


We would not want to be standing in the way of this guy when he decides to go somewhere. We love how unique the viewpoint of this design is since there are not a lot of designs that decide to show elephants from the front, most depict them from the side where they can easily add patterns to the side of the animal. The front facing elephant is much more difficult to add patterns to since there is a lot of detail already provided from the animal itself but this designs does a great job of retaining the natural elephant lines while adding a plethora of wonderful patterns that will make this awesome design a pleasure to color.

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