Fantasy Adult Coloring Books


Let’s be honest with each other here for a moment, the real world can be really boring sometimes. Yeah there are peaks of fun and excitement like a summer vacation to Mexico or Europe but for the most of the time days can be repetitive and plain old dull. For some people that is just not ok and if you are interested in art and coloring I am going to take a guess that you may be one of these people. Sometimes we just need a break from the real and mundane, we need some spice, and for decades one of the best ways is to transport yourself to a world of fantasy and imagination. 

When I was a kid I used to hate school. I thought it was the most boring thing in the world. Everyday you go to the same room in the same building and learn about math, english, history, science, go home and go to bed, then repeat. Math, english, history, science, home, bed, repeat. Thanks to fantasy books I was able to escape that boredom and go on adventures in amazing places both real and imagined. Fantasy coloring books are an even better way to escape the realities of the mundane. Here are my top picks for the coloring books that will help you escape the mundane. 

Dragon Adult Coloring Book


This coloring book by Peter Pauper Press has 31 wonderfully detailed coloring pages to help you escape to the magical world of dragons. Each design is printed single sided on heavy weight paper and features one or more dragons surrounded by a scenery full of fun designs that are a blast to color.

Some awesome details about this coloring book are the perforated pages which make it very easy to remove your favorite designs before printing and photocopy them so that you can color them again and again or remove them after coloring and hang them up for others to enjoy. Another cool detail is that the paper used in this cook is acid free which means that your colors will be preserved better than on normal paper.

Fairies Adult Coloring Book


This coloring book published by Creative Heaven and designed by artist Barbara Lanza will transport you to the curious and wondrous world of fairies. Inside the book you will find 31 original designs printed on one sided pieces of paper. The paper used is similar to other Creative Haven coloring books and pretty good.

Each design showcases a different fairy dressed in luxurious gowns and many times surrounded by nature scenes. The one thing that is lacking from this fairy coloring book is more intricacy. While the designs are well made the spaces tend to be larger than we would like them for an adult coloring book. However, this does give you the opportunity to go in and create your own designs with a fine marker.

Magical Forest Adult Coloring Book


This coloring book by best selling artist Jade Summer is a wonderful way to transport yourself to a magical destination at least for a few minutes every day. Inside you will find 106 pages of original designs that are printed on single sided pages that have a completely black back to reduce the risk of bleed through.  

While the designs are well made and very fun to color each design has a second duplicate in the book. While this makes it possible to color your favorite designs a second time we would much rather have seen different designs since you could still easily photocopy your favorite designs and color them as many times as you’d like. One of the best things about this magical forest adult coloring book is that with every purchase you receive access to 25 of the most famous Jade Summer images from across all of her books. This is a great addition to this coloring book.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of fantasy adult coloring books and don’t forget that if you are looking for a fun and original way to find some coloring in your day you can sign up for our Year’s Worth of Free Coloring Designs and receive a new coloring page every week for your coloring enjoyment.

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