The Best Dragon Coloring Books for Adults

the best dragon coloring books for adults

Welcome to the world of dragons. A place where the skies are clouded with smoke and magnificent flying dragons that make the ground beneath their feet shake and tremble. This is a place of limitless wonder and fear.

Thankfully you don’t have to actually live in this place to get to enjoy the wonder that comes with it. These days you can just grab a dragon coloring book and jump in and color these magnificent magical creatures. But with so many choices to choose from online which one’s should you spend your hard earned cash on? Well here are our top 3 choices:

Dragons Adult Coloring Book by Peter Pauper Press

dragons adult coloring book

This dragon adult coloring book produced by Peter Pauper Press is awesome for those who are newer to adult coloring and are not looking for anything that has a crazy amount of details. The 31 designs you will find between the covers of this book are well drawn and high quality.

Our favorite thing about this coloring book is that the designs are have the perfect level of complexity: not so intricate that it can seem daunting, but just enough detail to make it interesting. You will find that many of the dragons have some detail work to color like scales and wing sections, but that much of the rest of the illustration is much easier. This perfect for beginner colorists.

This adult coloring book is printed single sided on high quality paper which means that you can use all of our favorite mediums including markers. If you do decide to use markers however we still recommend using a spare piece of paper between designs since bleed through can still occur. Every page is also perforated making it easy to remove your favorite designs and display them.

Dragon Coloring Book with Legendary Mythical Creatures by Jade Summer

magical dragons coloring book by jade summer

This adult coloring book produced by Fritzen Publishing under their coloring book label Jade Summer is a wonderful option for those looking for a healthy dose of magic and magnificence in their life.

Fans of other Jade Summer coloring books will find that the 25 designs in this book are similar in quality and production to those in other Jade Summer coloring books. Unlike the previous dragon coloring book this one features a heavy amount of detail, but what is interesting is that it is still not very complex.

The detail helps to create a rich design but does so without making the designs very challenging. Coloring flows easily from detail to detail and despite being more advanced than the previous entry new colorists will find it just as enjoyable.

This adult coloring book is also printed single sided on CreateSpace crisp white paper that is similar to the ones sued in other Jade Summer coloring books. The back of every page is black backed to hide signs of bleed through. We strongly suggest using a spare piece of paper or cardstock to stop bleed through or pressure marks from damaging any of the other designs.

Coloring Dragons by John Howe

coloring dragons adult coloring book by John Howe

Fans of the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies will jump for joy at the sight of this coloring book filled with the artwork of famed illustrator John Howe. John Howe has made a reputation of creating some spectacular images inspired by the adventures of Middle Earth and this coloring book does not disappoint.

This adult coloring book is certainly the most complex of the three but also the most spectacular. All the illustrations are full of delightful complexity and a truly an awe to behold. This coloring book also features some grayscale work that make the finished product that much more realistic.

The most interesting thing about this adult coloring book is that it’s not actually a book, but a large panoramic scene split up into 8 separate panels. This is a very unique design that we found very interesting. It basically gives you the choice to display the finished product as a single large image or 8 separate ones. You should also be aware that the back of the “pages” features a large dragon drawing printed on a grid and some direction to help you draw your own dragon along with a large white space in which you can draw your own so technically this is a double sided coloring “book”.

We hope that this dive into the world of fire breathing and magical has been well...magical for you. Enjoy these awesome coloring books and until next time, Happy Coloring!

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