5 Awesome Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

5 printable coloring pages for adults

Coloring books are not the most expensive thing you can spend money on, but when someone is a serious colorist buying several coloring books every month can add up and get pricey. Today we have gone out and found 5 printable coloring pages for adults that we know you will find a ton of fun to color and save you some cash since they are 100% free.

Smile Often Printable Coloring Page

smile often printable coloring page

Coloring pages like this one that feature a nice message are an awesome way to relax and indulge in your coloring hobby. The reason why we particularly love positive message coloring books is that they are more than just fun patterns. Since this coloring page has a little bit of intricacy to it, it will take you some time and focus to color in all the spaces. When you direct this focus on coloring you can experience similar benefits to those experienced by people in meditation. And when you are meditating on a positive message like this one you will find yourself actually smiling more often and appreciating your days.

Seas The Day Free Coloring Page

seas the day nautical printable coloring page

Who doesn’t like nautical themes? The reason why we really liked this free printable coloring page is that it has an interesting amount of intricacy. At first glance it looks like it would be quite a handful, but when you examine it again you will find that there isn’t actually a lot to color, but the spaces are just very concentrated.

We also really liked that this coloring page had some empty space around the subject. Most coloring designs are put together so that they fill up the entirety of the page. Having some empty space however is a great opportunity for you to tap into your own creativity and add to the design.

Buttons Printable Coloring Page

buttons printable coloring page for adults

We absolutely love this buttons printable coloring page. This is an awesome design because it’s actually not very intricate because the coloring spaces are quite big, yet it is a lot of coloring! This makes the design perfect for both beginners and more advanced colorists.

For this coloring design we suggest printing it out on heavier weight paper and then using markers to color. Because the color that markers put down tends to be more vibrant it will create a very fun final image in which all the different colors next to one another play off each other. The heavy weight paper will soak up the ink better and make for a cleaner finish that will be perfect for display.

Paisley Woman Free Coloring Page

paisley girl woman printable coloring page for adults

This free printable coloring design is absolutely beautiful and one you should try as soon as possible. We love that it combines some of our favorite coloring subjects: patterns and faces. While the patterns are intricate they are not extremely difficult and will be enjoyable for colorists of any skill level.

The face has enough detail that it allows you to practice your shading techniques in order to create a truly life like image. This is a coloring design that we would definitely mix colored pencils and markers in order to make all the different details pop so we suggest printing out on heavyweight paper once again.

Shark Scenery by Creatively Calm Studios

shark scenery printable coloring page for adults

This is one of our very own coloring designs and we love it so much! It comes straight out of one of our new coloring books and it has a perfect level of intricacy that will keep both novice colorists and advanced ones entertained. This is once again a perfect printable design to use both colored pencils and markers in order to bring out all the little details.

Best of all this coloring design is part of our Year’s Worth of Coloring Design giveaway. This giveaway is 52 printable coloring designs (one for every week of the year) for absolutely free. That means that you will probably not have to go to the store for coloring designs for quite some time!

We hope that you enjoyed these coloring designs, we really enjoyed finding them for you and as always Happy Coloring!

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