The Best Adult Coloring Book Sets


Adult coloring book sets are a wonderful idea for novice colorists and more experienced artists alike. Many adult coloring book sets come with a few pencils so you have everything you need to get started with adult coloring. For those who have already tried coloring, coloring book sets give you the option of purchasing several coloring books at a discounted price many times featuring designs from multiple categories. Here are our favorite coloring books sets currently available on the market.

Adult Mini Coloring Book Set


This adult coloring book set includes 5 travel sized coloring books and a packet of 6 mini gel pens. Each coloring book has 30 designs printed on both sides of the page for a grand total of 150 designs in the whole set. The designs themselves are split up by coloring book based on category like mandalas, animals, and what I would call mini mandalas with geometric accents. The gel pens are of medium quality and will scratch a bit but after a while begin putting down ink smoothly.

This adult coloring book set is a wonderful place to get started for novice colorists because of the low cost, included coloring pens, and varied subject. The only problems with this coloring book set is that the designs are printed double sided and the provided coloring utensils are ink pens which can bleed through the page and ruin the design on the back. If possible we would recommend switching out the pens for pencils and using those. The small size of the pens can also be a problem since they may be uncomfortable for people with bigger hands.

Botanical Garden Coloring Book Set With Pencils and Sharpener


This adult coloring book set produced by Newbourne Media includes a 48 pages coloring book, 12 double sided coloring pencils, and a pencil sharpener. The designs in this adult coloring book depict floral arrangements and are of medium quality. The designs are printed single sided on high quality thick paper. The pencils are not of the highest quality and can break if not sharpened carefully, but they are a wonderful starting point as far as coloring tools go. The pencil sharpener is of regular quality and is not specifically a colored pencil sharpener but is once again a good starting point.

The designs in this coloring book set are of medium intricacy and will be entertaining for both novice and experienced colorists. The paper does a good job of holding up to ink, and the included plastic sheet is wonderful to use in between pages to stop any bleed through that may occur if using markers. The included coloring pencils however will not be a problem and are our recommended coloring tool especially for novice colorists.

The Ultimate Creatively Calm Studios Coloring Book Set


One of the worst feeling for colorists is the realization that you are running out of designs and you soon need to go on the search for more. It’s a similar feeling to squeezing out the last of the toothpaste. Our ultimate coloring book set ensures that you will not experience this feeling for at least a year while providing you with 9 different coloring categories like Animals, Geometric Shapes, Landmarks, and Scenery. Since each coloring book has 40 designs printed on some of the highest quality paper in the industry it means that you will get 360 original coloring designs.

Included in this ultimate coloring book set is our original coloring book set that has been rated #1 on Amazon since it’s launch, and with it you will also receive our two other equally high quality coloring book sets at an unbeatable price. The designs in all of our coloring books range in intricacy so novice and advanced colorists alike will find them entertaining.

Hope that you enjoy these coloring book sets and as always happy coloring everyone!

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