Mythical Creatures Adult Coloring Books


Mythical creatures have long captured our imaginations. They have appeared in art for thousands of years, from the the tomb inscriptions of Egyptian pharaohs to The Bible and Hollywood movies all cultures have found a way to pass on the stories of these magical creatures. It’s no surprise that these mythical creatures have now found their way into the newest art form of our culture: adult coloring books.

Unicorns Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book produced by Creative Haven and illustrated by Marty Noble features 30 designs depicting the purest and rarest of mythical creatures. The designs range in difficulty from easy with little intricacy to medium difficulty with small pockets of intricacy. Each design is printed single sided on medium quality paper consistent with that of other Creative Haven coloring books. The binding is glued but the designs are easy to remove from the book since the pages are perforated.

Overall this adult coloring book is wonderful for those who love unicorns and magical creatures and are just getting started with coloring or those not looking for a very challenging or intricate coloring designs. Even though the designs are printed single sided we still suggest either removing the design from the book prior to coloring or placing a piece of card stock in between the pages since severe bleed through can occur when using alcohol based markers that can ruin other designs in the book.

Mermaid Life Adult Coloring Book


This adult coloring book created by author and artist Nathaniel Wake features 50 designs depicting mermaid life under the ocean. The illustrations are of medium difficulty with a majority of the design being easy to color with few intricacies and some pockets of details like fish scales and hair details that more advanced colorists will find very entertaining.

The designs in this adult coloring book are printed single sided with the back of every page being colored entirely black. This is done to reduce the signs of bleed through on the next page, however it will not actually stop severe bleed through. Although the black background gives the book a cleaner finish severe bleed through specifically from alcohol based markers can still seep through and ruin the next designs in the coloring book so we advise you use a spare piece of paper or card stock to soak up any run-away ink.

Dragons Adult Coloring Book


This coloring book by artist Jade Summer is filled with 25 unique designs depicting dragons and other legendary creatures and female warriors. The designs are printed single sided on typical CreateSpace paper that is crisp and white but on the thin side. Every design is printed twice on in this coloring book for a grand total of 50 coloring designs. The double printing allows you to color each design a second time using different colors and techniques. Along with the two printings in the coloring book, with every purchase you will also receive a PDF with all the designs so you can print out the designs as many times as you want on whatever kind of paper you want for even more coloring freedom.

The designs in this coloring book are quite detailed and will be a lot of fun to color for more advanced colorists, but even novice artists will find the designs enjoyable. We strongly recommend using a spare piece of paper or a card stock in between designs since even though the designs are printed single sided some bleed through can occur when using ink due to the thin paper used in this book.

Hope this article has helped you find the mythical creature coloring book you have been searching for and as always Happy Coloring!

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