The 5 Best Free Adult Coloring Pages Sources


We all like free things and coloring designs are no different. There are a ton of places online that advertise having free adult coloring pages and coloring designs but finding ones that are actually of quality can be difficult. Having spent a ridiculous amount of time researching what the best coloring pages are we have a compiled the only resource you need for where to find free coloring pages and here are our top 5: 

5. Google Image Search


This may sound like a very common since options but many people skip right over. A Google image search for “free coloring designs” will return thousands of coloring page options, the tricky bit is sifting through all the results and finding ones that are actually of good quality, that’s why this isn’t our favorite options but for the sheer amount of results it’s definitely worth a look. If you want to give this option a try make sure you use some additional descriptive words in your search to get a better selection of results based on what you are looking. Adding descriptive keywords like “animals”, “mandala”, or “intricate” will help narrow down the choices.

4. Pinterest


Pinterest is another great search tool that will return a large amount of options. The adult coloring pages that are posted on Pinterest tend to be of a little higher quality than on Google so you have a better chance of finding ones that you will enjoy coloring. Like Google image search we recommend inserting descriptive keywords to get results that are closer to what you are actually looking for. Another top tip with Pinterest that you don’t get wit Google image search is the ability to follow “free coloring pages” boards. These boards are curated by people and when they find good free coloring designs on Pinterest they will re-pin them on their boards, essentially doing your job for you. Check out our Free Coloring Pages board for a daily additions of free coloring designs.


3. PrintMandala.com


If you love mandala designs and are on the lookout for a large quantity of free options then check out PrintMandala.com. This website has a selection of about 50 mandala designs that you can print out and color. Our only problem is that although the quality of the designs is pretty good a majority of them are not very intricate. The designs found on this website are great for quick and easy colorings but you will not find designs like the ones from high quality adult coloring books.

2. The Shabby Creek Cottage


This website by DIY blogger Gina has a nice selection of free coloring sources. The selection is a mixture of many different designs and there is no real organization which is one of the negatives. The other negative is that the designs are not very easy to print, the links will direct you to other websites which will take you on different paths to start your downloads or prints. The list however is pretty lengthy and has a many different coloring genres.

1. Creatively Calm Weekly Designs


Collectively we have spent hundreds of hours researching, drawing, and creating coloring designs and there is no reason that you should have to do the same to get high quality coloring designs. We have compiled some of our best adult coloring pages and created this year’s worth of coloring designs. When you sign up you will be added to an exclusive list and every week you will receive a free high quality Creatively Calm Studios design for your enjoyment. No need to search through hundreds and hundreds of designs just to find a good design, we have done the hard work for you.

Happy Coloring!!

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