The Best Geometric Coloring Books For Adults


Geometric coloring books are a great way to get similar benefits as coloring mandalas but with a little geometric twist. Mandalas are all the rage when color therapy is concerned, but let’s be honest, they can get pretty boring. Geometric designs tend to be intricate and very fun to color. The best part is that they can be very different from one another. They can be intricate or use larger shapes, and come in an almost endless selection of patterns. Here are some of our favorite geometric coloring books for adults.

The Craft Of Coloring: 60 Geometric Designs And Patterns


Like the title suggests in this coloring book you will find a selection of 60 different geometric design for your coloring enjoyment. Each design is printed on a single sided piece of paper which means that you have the freedom to use any coloring medium, from pencils to markers, since there is no design on the back of the page that can be ruined from bleed through. The pages however are not perforated and the designs are printed fully on the page without the use of any margins which means that the designs stretch from the binding all the way to the end of the page which can make it difficult to color. 

Every geometric design in this book is different and they range from intricate to easier with larger shapes. We really enjoyed the designs in this book and found them very relaxing. The only problem with this coloring book is that the designs can be very difficult to color completely since you will have to dig your pencil or marker into the binding to color in every shape.

Tessellation Patterns Coloring Book by Creative Heaven


In this coloring book produced by Creative Heaven you can find more than 30 designs that feature patterns created by one or more repetitive shapes. The designs are printed single sided so you don’t have to worry about bleed through ruining a design on the back. Furthermore the pages are perforated so they can be easily removed. If you would like to color these designs with markers or gel pens we suggest tearing the page out first and then working on it so you completely remove the possibility of severe bleed through ruining any of the other pages.

This coloring book is filled with pretty intricate designs which experienced colorists will find very fun and relaxing but may be frustrating and difficult for people who are just getting into coloring.

Geometric Shapes, Animals, & Scenery Adult Coloring Book Set 

This is our original coloring book set and it remains a fan favorite. The set is made up of 3 coloring books each with it’s own theme. In the first coloring book you will find 40 geometric designs some of which are intricate and others use larger shapes. The second book features 40 animal prints that will be fun to color for artists of all ages and the third coloring book has 40 coloring illustrations that depict some of the most idyllic scenery available to color.

The best part about this coloring book set is that you get the geometric shape coloring pages you are looking for, and for the same price you also receive two additional coloring books with a different theme, so once you are tired of coloring geometric shapes you can easily switch over to any one of the two other coloring books. The designs in these coloring books are printed on some of the thickest paper in the industry and will be a joy to color.

Happy Coloring!

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