The Best Owl Adult Coloring Books


If you have been reading our blog posts you are probably aware that we have a certain thing for owls. We cannot explain this fascination with the wisest animal in the forest but something about them makes them an awesome subject to color. Their large eyes and wing spans are a perfect canvas for intricate design that we can’t get enough of and to share our love and joy of coloring owls have assembled what is probably the best resource for owl adult coloring books

Owls by Creative Haven 


This coloring book by Creative Haven features 30 full page owl designs printed one sided. The pages are also perforated for easy removal. The one sided printing means that you can use any medium to color, from pencils to markers, since there are no design on the back of the page that can be ruined from bleed through. The perforated pages also make it easy to remove the page prior to coloring to complete remove the chance that some severe bleed through could get onto the following page.

The designs in this coloring book display owls in many different positions on pattern filled backgrounds. The backgrounds are comprised of different scenes like the night sky, the forest, several different variations of branches. The bodies of the owls themselves also do not lack intricacy and are filled with fun coloring designs.

Groovy Owls by Thaneeya McArdle


Thaneeya McArdle is the owner of an art instructional website and has authored over 30 different adult coloring books and has brought her unique whimsical design to this owl adult coloring book. Inside this coloring book you will find 32 awesome owl designs. The designs are printed one sided on paper of medium quality. The back of every coloring page isn’t empty but instead features inspiring quotes or journal lines printed in soft gray as to not show through. This is a nice addition but we felt that it was useless since utilizing it would mean that ink would bleed through onto the design, only way to use it and avoid bleed through would be to use a pencil for journal entries.

Unlike the previous owl coloring book this one focuses much more on the actual owls and their natural lines. There are few designs in which the background is used for designs and the majority of the designs focus on the owls themselves and their bodies have been filled with patterns. 

The Magic of Owls by Stephen White


This coloring book by artist Stephen White has 74 pages of owl design printed single sided on thin non perforated paper. We suggest using colored pencils but if you decide to use markers make sure you place a piece of paper behind the design you are coloring since some severe bleed through may occur and seep through to the design on the next page.

The owls in this coloring book are perhaps the most intricate of the 3 coloring books which is why it gets our top praises. The owls in most designs take up the entirety of the page and along with the background are filled with fun and intricate patterns that will keep you entertained for hours. Some of the design focus in on a single part of the owl like the head but the space is once again filled up with complex patterns.

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