Adult Coloring Postcards: A Truly Unique Gift


Many people love to display their finished coloring designs in frames or to even give them out to friends and family. These can make for great gifts since they are truly unique and are a lot better than some off the shelf gift. There is however an option that we think is the best of both worlds and that is adult coloring postcards.

When heading to a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other type of celebration it’s a good idea to get a gift, whether it be something big or just a bottle of wine. A nice card or postcard with a personal message can take the gift from good to awesome. A card that you have colored yourself will take it to supercalifragilistic! Here are our favorite adult coloring postcards:

Lost Ocean Postcards by Johanna Basford


Best selling coloring book artist Johanna Basford has come out with this set of 36 postcards that feature designs from her famous Lost Oceans coloring book. The designs are printed single sided on heavy stock paper that will hold up great for mailing or use as a card to pair with a gift. The new heavier paper also handles all markers well and won’t bleed through. The cards come in a newly designed box that resembles the book. The cards easily detach from the packaging and have space on the back on which to write your wishes and if necessary glue a mail stamp.

The biggest problem with these cards is that while the designs are fantastic they do have very miniature details which are a result of shrinking the original design down to a size that is fit for mailing. We wish that the designs had been redone in order to handle the new smaller size better.

Animal Kingdom Postcard Box by Millie Marotta


This adult coloring set has 50 postcards designed after Millie Marotta's New York Times best selling Animal Kingdom adult coloring book. The designs are printed on heavyweight card stock that will handle mailing well and does not allow markers to bleed through. The postcards come in a very nice box that resembles the book. The top flips open to reveal the 50 completely detached postcards. 

Our favorite thing about these postcards is that while the designs are from the Animal Kingdom coloring book they have been specifically selected and touched up for the smaller size. This means that parts of the design that were already very small in the coloring pages have been removed or edited in these postcards for easier coloring. This has however produced several postcards that the designs simply didn’t fill out all the space which we disliked. However, it does give you the opportunity to add in your own designs to the postcards if you wish.

Nature Illustrated Postcards by Dessain Tolra


This set by illustrator Dessain Tolra has 20 wonderful and gentle adult coloring postcards that will bring the beauty of nature to any gift you decide to pair them with. The designs are printed single sided on medium weight card stock with the back featuring area to write in a wish and stick on a stamp. The medium weight card stock does have the drawback of allowing bleed through if markers are used so we highly suggest you stick to colored pencils only.

One of our favorite things about this adult coloring postcard set is that every set comes with a very nice box to hold your postcards along with an envelope for every postcard and a set of stickers that you can both color and use to close the envelopes. The stickers however are not very sticky so we wouldn’t rely just on those to keep the envelope closed.

Happy gifting and coloring :).

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