Anime Coloring Books That Will Rock Your World


As a little kid I loved watching anime cartoons in the morning while getting ready for school, and I have to be honest, that has stuck around until today.

I still can’t think of a better thing to be running on the TV while I am getting dressed for work than some awesome anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z or my personal favorite...Pokemon.

So if you are like me and love anime then you have to check out the following anime coloring books I found. What better combination than coloring and anime!?

Anime Coloring Book 1 (Volume 1)


This anime coloring book by artist Nick Snels features 82 pages of manga designs with each design getting it’s own page. The subject of the designs tend to be manga girls. The designs are not very detailed so they will be perfect for those who love to experiment and add in their own flare to designs, or for less experienced colorists. Some of the designs do feature a fair amount of cleavage so this may not be the perfect coloring book to work on with a younger one.

I am a fan of the simple designs in this coloring book. It gives me more room to add in my own details which I have become increasingly fond of. The one thing that I do not like about this book however is the paper quality. The paper is quite thin and even though the designs are printed single sided I found that anything other than pencils bled through. I would recommend using something similar to card stock in between designs even when using pencils since the pressure can leave imprints on the next design.

Pop Manga Coloring Book


This adult coloring book created by acclaimed manga artist Camilla d’Errico includes 80 pages of original designs that fans of d’Errico will find as wonderful examples of her other work. The designs in this coloring book are printed double sided and tend to focus on profiles and characters drawn in the manga style. The profiles and characters themselves do not have many small details but several of the designs feature supporting designs that can have more detail.

I quite liked the designs in this adult coloring book. They are original and a lot of fun to color. However, I was not a fan of the double sided printing since the paper was of low quality and any coloring medium other than colored pencils would bleed through to the next designs and render it useless. Because of this I suggest using colored pencils only. That being said the designs really are a joy to color!

Color Manga: The Monster Manga Coloring Book


This awesome manga anime adult coloring book created by Estudio Joso and ikari Studios is based on the best selling book The Monster Book of Manga. Between the covers you will find 96 pages with designs printed back to back. The designs include dragons, Amazonian warriors, a mechanical octopus, and many more. The double sided printing does mean that your color medium is restricted to colored pencils if you want to be able to color all the designs.

Despite the double sided printing the designs in this coloring book will be a lot of fun to color for fans of anime. Some of the designs include large black spaces similar to those in comic books which made the book much more enjoyable, that being said I think that these designs would look a lot better if they could be colored using markers. If you do want to color the designs using markers you can always cut out the pages and copy them, however be careful since the binding of this book is quite tight and a clean cut can be difficult.

For those of you hoping to color this with a younger one make sure you scan the designs since a few of them can be a bit sexual. Over all this coloring book was my favorite anime adult coloring book of the lot that I checked out, and I highly recommend it if you’ve always dreamed of creating anime art.

So long until next time and as always Happy Coloring!

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