Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books


If you are a parent or grew up in the 90’s you probably know who Lisa Frank is, and if you don’t, you undoubtedly know her work. Since 1979 Lisa has created items for school children, mostly for girls, featuring the heavy use of neon colors, rainbows, and stylized depictions of real and mythical creatures like unicorns, dolphins, and pandas. Now you can not only wear and carry Lisa Frank gear, you can also color her work.

Lisa Frank Coloring and Activity Book Set


This coloring book set published by Lisa Frank includes two adult coloring books each featuring 80 designs for a grand total of 160 Lisa Frank coloring designs. The designs are printed back to back on thin paper so we do not recommend using any other medium than colored pencils since gel pens and markers will definitely bleed through and ruin the design on the other side of the page. 

The designs in these coloring books are classic examples of the Lisa Frank illustrations that graced the covers of countless folders and backpacks. While the designs were a blast from the past for us it is important to note that the coloring books you receive as part of the set are not necessarily the ones pictured in the product description. Instead, you will receive two random choices from the entire Lisa Frank adult coloring book collection. 

Lisa Frank Giant Coloring & Activity Book - Playtime Kittens


If you love Lisa Frank and are looking for more than just images to color then this is the coloring book for you. Between the covers you will find 80 pages with back to back printed designs of both illustrations for coloring and fun activities, the subjects of which can also be colored in. The paper quality is once again quite thin and since the designs are printed on both sides of the page we do not recommend using pens or markers since they will bleed through and ruin the design on the back.

While this coloring book is advertised as being “giant” we don’t think that the 10.5” by 7.9” size qualifies as giant and is standard with most coloring books on the market. The title of Playtime Kittens can also be a bit misleading because even though some of the designs feature cats and kittens don’t expect to find only designs with those subjects. Some designs also feature dolphins, unicorns, and other common Lisa Frank characters. This is not necessarily a negative thing but it is important to note that this coloring book does not feature only kittens. Over all the designs in this book are a bit on the simple side but will make a great project to do with a young kid or grandchild.

Color Me Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book


This Lisa Frank adult coloring book includes 24 designs printed single sided on relatively thin paper. Since the designs are printed single sided you can use gel pens and markers because there is no design on the back of the page that can be ruined by the bleed through. Due to the thin paper however, we would still recommend placing a spare piece of paper behind the page you are coloring that can soak up any severe bleed through that would otherwise affect the design on the next page.

Of the three Lisa Frank coloring book this one has the most “adult friendly” coloring designs. These designs are noticeably more intricate and feature subjects like Pegasus, Bunny, Unicorn, Kitty, and Dolphin. The subjects are drawn in classic Lisa Frank style but may feature intricate patterns in the body of the subject or in the background. Take note however that the cover art may vary from coloring book to coloring book but for the most part the designs remain the same. 

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